Why Traditional Purchase is Still Preferable than Going Online

There are two ways to find your dream car and drive it home. One, going the traditional way where you walk in the dealership showroom, test them out and finalize a deal. The other is knocking the virtual door, where the internet takes off much of your burden in looking for the car models, choosing the dealership, communicating with them, book for a test drive and then sign up the deal.

Though the second way appear to save a lot of time, effort and even provide a greater discount than the first one, there are many who prefer the traditional approach of car purchase because of some reasons. The Chevrolet service department Lexington discussed them all that are listed down below.

The Discount

In the traditional dealership the new car windows have a sticker attached to them with the suggested retail price (MSRP) from the manufacturers. But if one has visited the website of that same dealership and clicked on the link showing the “e-price” the discount on the actual price would get stuck to a level and one would miss out saving the extra percentage an individual salesperson could have provided.


When going through the traditional way, the cars in the showroom can be seen, touched and verified on the spot without any change of facts. On the other hand, online buying would not ensure you seeing the model through photography which would always have some difference than the actual model. In many cases, the same models would not be there for you, when finally you reach the showroom for the test drive.

The Privacy Issue

When cars are sold through internet, the buyers need to feed their contact information like phone numbers, emails and sometimes even a postal address to go ahead with the deal. This information works like a key for the dealers and other agencies to dig out more of your identity which could be used by them later in various ways.

Does the Internet Really Save Money?

Ultimately when you think of getting a greater discount offered on the internet, you don’t realize that in many cases, it is only the starting price they show, leaving out the peripheral costs. But after reaching the dealer, the bill shows a different figure than the one you expected. As a more methodical approach, the internet dealing leaves little scope of bargaining. But in the traditional method, things work at an interpersonal level which mellows down to a greater discount, as the salesperson is eager to sell you the car as soon as possible.

One Step Method

According to the Chevy service Lexington, whether you take the traditional method or the online one, you have to physically turn up to the dealer’s shade for a test drive. So you have searched, browsed and spent a lot of data and time on loading those heavy-weight websites. But finally during a visit, you see the models there as well, ending up spending more time on combining both the methods. But in the traditional method, it is only a straightforward way of doing things, where you spend the entire time only in the showroom, take a test drive and finalize the deal.

The Bottom Line

Though internet is our best friend in almost every walk of life, there are still some areas left which cannot be pursued with mere virtual reality.