Why Song Saa Is the Most Eco Friendly Island Resort of Choice

Great tourist destinations should be not only naturally beautiful and culturally rich but also sustainable. They must not expose the otherwise delicate environment to extreme pollution. When choosing your next Cambodian destination and want a tourist resort that combines all these qualities, Song Saa should be one of the best resorts to settle for. Popularly known as Song Saa Private Island, this world-leading ecological resort remains the best and most sought-after Cambodian luxury ecotourism destination for all. It is dedicated to the preservation of the Koh Rong Archipelago area and includes a whole lot of futuristic programs to enable the locals to live a more sustainable lifestyle through bettering their education and skill training.

Exquisite Accommodation

The Song Saa private resort is made up of 27 two and one-bedroom villas. These villas are attractively designed inside offer great view to the ocean. They all include exclusive infinity pools and offer three location options including ocean view, jungle, and over water. The overwater villas are located on the island sunset side, and they provide direct access to the ocean. The jungle villas are located on the top and offer an enormous ocean view. As for the ocean view villas, they include private beach area and offer an exclusive view of the Cambodian sunrise. All these villas have a great range of quality amities including but not limited to snorkeling kits, boats, mini bar, air conditioning systems, phone, satellite TV, iPod lock, sunken bathtubs, and unlimited laundry service.

Great Range of Facilities

This user-friendly and eco friendly island resort offers excellent access to a wide range of facilities. Among these facilities are the overwater restaurant, infinity edge swimming pools, cocktail lounge with 360-degree ocean views, water sports center offering motorized and non-motorized water sports, a wide range of professionally prepared and delicious Cambodian street food, spar extending luxurious treatments, and beachside bar.

Exclusive Activities

When you visit this eco-friendly and amazing resort, you will have a chance to participate in a wide range of activities. Among these activities are water sports, diving, and snorkeling.  There is a fully-equipped gym where you can undertake all your physical exercises. Other activities include kayaking in freshwater estuaries, fishing in the Cambodian villages, visiting nearby beaches, meditation, yoga and lots more.


Cambodia is known to have a hot climate throughout the year.  Tourists have the opportunity to tour this great destination any time of the year they feel like. However, the best time for someone to visit Cambodia and get to enjoy the huge range of activities and facilities offered in the eco-friendly Song Saa is during the dry season which happens between November and April.  The weather is the coldest during September and October months and not quite cold in May. Anybody willing to tour this great destination can do so during these months the rain occurs in the form of short, sharp storms.  For those who appreciate nature and would love to enjoy the cool looks of the green vegetation, September is the best time of the year to visit Cambodia as it is in this month when the rivers and lakes are full and everywhere filled with green.