Why Should You Replace Semi Truck Seats

 In the trucking industry you can find most anything for a big rig in used condition. From tractors to truck parts the trucking industry finds ways to repurpose parts. One reason for this is to customize a semi for the truck driver’s needs. After all, truckers are spending day and night in their tractor-trailers, so they want to have a seat that is both comfortable and accommodating. Here are some of the reasons why truck drivers and trucking carriers will replace semi truck seats in big rigs.

Customized Semi Truck Seats

As noted, a truck driver spends 24/7 in their semi truck when on the job. As a result, they want to have a seat that will work best for them. For example, some truck seats will rotate to allow you easy access to your sleeper and passenger side space. Another way to customize your seat is to choose the materials. While most seats are cloth, you might prefer a leather seat for your semi. Seats can also be made with an internal heating element to keep you toasty. You can even find truck seats with lumbar massage. What happens the seats that are replaced by customized semi truck seats? They are sold as used seats to truckers, truck body shops, and trucking companies.

semi truck seats

Replacing Passenger Seats

Another reason that used truck seats are on the market pertains to passenger seats. Often a trucker or carrier will remove air ride passenger seats for a few reasons. For starters some trucking carriers do not allow for riders, so there is not a need for a passenger seat. Also the air ride type of seat tends to rattle and vibrate when not being used, which is problematic for some truck drivers. By removing the passenger side seat, or replacing it with a non-air ride seat, the noise is remedied. If the driver or company does not replace the seat they will often use the extra space for storage or a mini fridge.

Used Truck Seat Safety

Truck seats are typically replaced when they are still new. As such most used truck seats are in good, if not new, condition. If you are considering the purchase of used semi seats you can rest assured that you are making a smart purchase. Just to be on the safer side check with your seat seller to find out the source of the used seats you are interested in buying. More often than not the seats are factory new and never been used, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Save money and reduce the amount of like new semi truck seats that get tossed to the wayside by opting for a used truck seat for your big rig.