Why Prefer Professional Cleaning Services Over Independent Cleaners?

Do you know that more than 2 million children die every year in the world from diarrhea, respiratory problems and other infections?  The major cause of these illnesses is the environment in which they thrive and play.

 Malaria and Dengue are the two major causes of death of the children around the world. These are water borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes which breed in the water close to your home or within the home.

The problem is more prevalent in developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and in some African countries where people hardly bother to keep their home and surroundings clean due to their lazy attitude or sometimes tight schedule.

Independent Cleaner versus Home Cleaning Services Gurgaon  

If you live in Delhi and need to clean your house, you can avail Home Cleaning Services Gurgaon. You have other options like self-cleaning and Independent cleaner in Delhi to clean your house, but these options have certain disadvantages and limitations associated with them.

The self-cleaning may not be possible for you because of a tight schedule and hiring independent Cleaner has certain disadvantages. In this article, we will tell you how Home Cleaning Services Gurgaon is advantageous than the Independent cleaner in Delhi.

The Independent cleaner which is called maid in common terms may be cheaper than Home cleaning services Gurgaon but this type of cleaning service is not professional and effective in any sense.

Some of The Disadvantages of Hiring Independent Cleaner in Delhi are as Follows: 

  1. Dearth of Trustworthy Cleaners

You will find trustworthy cleaners hardly in Delhi. The trust is the important aspect which you should give importance while hiring a maid. There have been incidents in Delhi, where maids fled away with the gold and other precious items of the owner. You mean it or not, the cleaner will come to know about the valuable belongings present in your home.

  1. Poor and hurried service

They deal with more than one client at one time and hence always remain in hurry to finish their work as quickly as possible. They often compromise with the quality of the work.  You don’t have to face any of these problems when you hire Home Cleaning Services Gurgaon.

  1. You have to give maid worker benefits

 The maid is considered your employee and in this case, you are the employer. You will have to give him/her certain benefits employee gets. Suppose if they get injured while working in your home, you can be held liable. So you need to have workers compensation insurance.

  1. No compensation on damage

 If the independent cleaner damages your household belonging, you won’t be getting any compensation for the damage. You have to pay for the damage out of your own pocket.

On the other hand, the companies providing Home cleaning in Delhi will have definitely insurance to cover work time injuries and even for in-home damages.  Never take it for granted. Yes, it is true that nothing happens 99% of the time but a single incident of sudden mishap can change the entire scenario.

  1. Tough to find experienced maid

  When you hire a maid, you have to utilize your precious time in the police verification of the maid. You will have to scrutinize 100’s of maids to select one maid. On the other hand, when you hire professional cleaning service providers they will helps you to clean homes as well as offices in quick time.

  1. No time punctuality

 Imagine you have some guests arriving at your home and your cleaner still hasn’t shown up. You tried contacting them through various means phone, chat and email etc. but to no avail.  And your guests turned up but your maid is still not there to clean your house.


 The Companies dealing with Home cleaning services Gurgaon have trained crew equipped with all the latest machinery to ensure deep and hygienic cleaning. Your maid will have nothing in hand except a broom. The companies providing home cleaning services Gurgaon take responsibility for everything, so you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your belongings.