Why Opaque Labels Are Such A Necessity In Business

Opaque labels are a relatively simple business tool, which can nonetheless fulfill any number of important purposes. The difference between opaque and standard labels being the way in which they hide whatever the label is positioned over from view. Hence, why they are also commonly referred to as blackout or blockout labels.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, opaque labels are constructed using a wide variety of materials. While the primary construction of the labels is similar to that of standard transparent labels, an additional layer is added to prevent light from passing through. Blockout labels can be supplied pre-printed or black and are compatible with a variety of printing technology.

The question being – what exactly are opaque labels used for? Why do these simple supplies represent such an important everyday staple for so many businesses?

Correcting mistakes

One of the most common uses for opaque labels is correcting mistakes.  Particularly when labelling products or packages in large numbers on an on-going basis, it’s inevitable that errors will occasionally creep into the equation.  When they do, opaque labels can be used to effectively block the erroneous information below, allowing the correct information to be applied on top.  Easier and cheaper than replacing or repackaging the item in question.

Information alterations

It could also be that over time, the information printed on any given packages or products becomes outdated. Applying opaque labels represents a great alternative to replacing the packaging as a whole, which could prove to be expensive and time consuming. Particularly if just one small detail needs to be changed – custom opaque labels can be printed to alter pretty much any information on any packaging in an instant.

Reuse of old packaging

Businesses involved in the shaping of goods of any kind have the opportunity to enhance their recycling practices significantly with opaque labels. The idea being that incoming packaging has the potential to once again be used for outgoing items, simply by using blockout labels to change the information accordingly. All while ensuring the firm’s branding remains consistent and quality control standards are upheld.

Confidential information

The highest quality opaque labels can also be used to completely and permanently block sensitive or personal information. Should any information have been included on a package that could do with being removed, simply masking it from view with a blockout label is the easiest and most economical option. It’s simply a case of ensuring you use labels of sufficient quality to get the job done properly.

Of course, printed labels of any kind can also simplify the process of labelling products and packages – particularly when dealing with extensive numbers. Blockout labels are typically available in variants such as Die Cut Opaque labels, Butt Cut Opaque labels, Circular labels, PCL labels and Thermal Opaque Block out labels, which can be heavily customised and supplied both blank of fully printed.

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