Why is it important to have your tires replaced according to the season?

Drivers need to understand once and for all that there are no universal tires for vehicles, as there are no universal shoes for humans. You do not wear sandals in winter and neither do we wear boots in summer. You do not buy one pair of shoes for every possible occasion, do you? At home, you have got at least three pairs of shoes – one for winter, one autumn and one spring and summer. The same should be true for your car and it should have at least two sets of tires, which it will “wear” in summer and winter respectively. Moreover, if you have a luxurious car like Hyundai SantaFe, it is a crime if you do not take proper care of it by at least replacing tires depending on the weather.

Reasons as to why it is vital to have your tires replaced.

Everything is very simple. Due to a different chemical composition, summer tires in winter will solidify whereas winter tires in the summer will deflate affecting the grip with the road, which will in turn deteriorate and your ride will no longer be safe. After all, the handling will become much worse, and at any moment, there is a possibility of you skidding.

Wheel change

Of course, motorists know very well that buying a set of new tires might cost a lot. For this reason, most people opt for relatively inexpensive tires by reviewing offers on various web sites and choosing the best option. What’s more, there are plenty of good deals online, and all you have to do is keep track of them. Look for discounts and various promotions and you will be able to save some of your money, which would be very good.

However, if you are offered to save on tires by purchasing an incomplete set of tires, in the form of two tires for the drive wheels only, you should get out of the store without a qualm. If you have only two tires on the driving wheels installed, you cannot guarantee a safe ride and you might endanger other drivers and lives of other people. This is because when skidding, your car will still need to use all four wheels, which will allow you to quickly fix the position of the car on the road and thus save your from a car crash. This is very important, so do not try to economize here as the safety of other people is involved.

However, if you think that it will be enough to purchase only four tires – you are wrong as well as a complete set of tires should consist of five tires, where the fifth one goes for the spare wheel, which should also be “shoed” for the season, because you never know what can happen to the main wheels while driving especially if you are quite away from home. You must be fully prepared no matter the circumstances. And, yes, a good driver never waits for the first silver thaw to appear on the road in order to have the tires replaced.

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