When to Consult a Doctor for Back Pain in Red bank? 

There are various types of back pain. It could be expected or severe and can also occur in any instance, like weight lifting or trauma. Sometimes it can develop over some time.

Most back pain is curable in weeks by physiotherapy, some types of yoga, exercises and some medicines. If the back pain becomes extreme and has started affecting day to day activities, you need to consult a Red bank back pain doctor.


Pain is caused by degeneration of the spinal cord or tension in muscles or ligaments. It can be caused due to extreme weightlifting, sudden shock or some sports activity.

Some conditions which lead to pain :

  1. Spinal stenosis.
  2. Lumbago.
  3. Osteopenia.
  4. Joint inflammation.
  5. Dislocation of the vertebra.

Some other factors which cause pain include chain-smoking, weight lifting and weak muscles.

When to consult a doctor for back pain:-

If the pain gets resolved typically with some good medicines, we should consult a doctor if the case becomes extreme or severe. The doctors, physiotherapists, or massage therapists will help the person identify the cause and treatment of the pain.

Some of the signs which help the person to evaluate that it’s time to approach a doctor:

  1. A prolonged sensation of pain.
  2. If the pain spreads to the rest of the body.
  3. If the pain occurs after trauma.
  4. If the pain occurs because of the wrong posture.
  5. In severe pain, the person can also suffer pain during eating or defecation or urination.
  6. Loss of appetite without reason.
  7. Fever.
  8. Immobility or pricking.

The patient can also be recommended for musculoskeletal ultrasound, where he can see the soft tissues of the back and X-rays of the r structure of the bone.


The medicines or procedures a doctor recommends the to patient depends on their requirements and it includes

  1. Physiotherapy.
  2. Steroids or medications.
  3. Yoga or exercises.
  4. Chinese acupuncture.
  5. Reiki.
  6. Hard mattress.
  7. Ayurveda.
  8. Diet.

Most probably, the patient gets relief from these methods, but in case the pain remains, then the doctor should recommend some advanced techniques like:

  1. Zygapophyseal injections for joints.
  2. Vertebrae stimulation.
  3. Steroidal injections.
  4. Plasma therapy.

A patient is also recommended to avoid too much bed rest, perform core or abdomen exercises, and practice proper posture positions.

If you are facing back pain for a long time, do not ignore the early signs. It can be an indication of something severe, and you should look for medical assistance.