When does your belly button pop out during pregnancy?

Most of the first time moms are in a zone of anxiety when news of pregnancy pours in. The question in their minds is when will my belly button pop out or stick out during pregnancy. If that is going to happen when it will occur. On the other hand, what happens to a woman when the belly button does not pop up. Let us find answers to the following questions.

Your body undergoes a lot of changes when you are pregnant. While the growing stomach is the most obvious among them all, another area of your stomach can change which is your belly button. It is not that uncommon for your belly button to stick out and one thing is that it should send panic waves.

Before we start off, first and foremost we need to figure out on why the belly button pops out in the first place. The uterus tends to push the abdomen forward and this pressure which is put on the abdomen pushes the belly button forward and in certain cases makes it protrude. The reasons for it popping out are mainly as the uterus is an expanding stage which needs a rapid push on an average during the 26th week. In cases where the lady is of thin stature, this situation is bound to occur in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is when that a pregnant woman discovers their protruding navel or a propped belly button.

One thing for certain, the propped belly is something that is inevitable and not harmful at the same time. This is when you had an outie or an inverted belly button to begin with. It is bound to get back to the original shape after delivery though it may look to be a bit lived in or stretched out. Just take into account that it is one of the badges to wear proudly. There is no form of correlation between the gender of the baby and the belly button.

Some women tend to have a defect or a hole in the abdominal wall long before pregnancy. Excess weight gain or pregnancy, can put stress on the defective or the weak area of the abdominal wall which causes the hernia to become more prominent. Once the hole becomes so large, that the tissue can pass through it, the hernia becomes painful and you may see a bulge in your umbilical area. In most cases it is suggested that you wait till you no longer become pregnant, before making an attempt to repair the umbilical hernia. But in case it does become incarnated, it means that the tissue remains trapped in the defective area and cannot be pushed back in. Then you would need to repair it surgically on an immediate basis.

A common misconception as far as your protruding belly is concerned, during pregnancy is that you are nearly the delivery time. It does not also mean that the chances of a premature baby increases as it is a reflection of a growing belly.