What’s On In Cheshire This Spring

Spring is a time of year that the best qualities of the English countryside come to the fore.Flowers bloom, birds sing, and everything is a great deal more green and pleasant than it was just a few months ago.

Cheshire is a part of the country where you’ll be able to find all of these things in abundance.It strikes just the right balance between countryside and urbanity to attract the would-be tourist.It’s wild and verdant enough to offer something different, and yet it’s accessible enough that those in nearby population hubs like Liverpool and Manchester will be able to get there quite easily.

Let’s take a moment to examine what attractions the county has to offer would-be visitors this spring.

Cheshire Residents Festival

The last week in march has been marked out as English Tourism Week.The occasion offers the perfect opportunity for Cheshire natives to explore what’s on offer.A number of attractions around the county will be offering free and discounted admission to visitors, allowing everyone to get a flavour of the hidden gems that they might miss at other times of the year.

Some of the attractions offering discounts include:

Cholmondeley Castle

This sprawling county house has been the seat of the Cholmondeley family since the 12th century.The house that currently stands was built to replace a nearby timber-framed hall, and was constructed at the beginning of the 19th century for George Cholmondeley.It was built to look a little bit like a medieval castle, and it was designed largely by Cholmondeley itself.If you’ve yet to pay the grounds a visit, then you should make a point of doing so; it’s in the county’s southwest, and well within driving distance from Chester.

The Anderton Boat Lift

The Andertonboat lift is an enormous construct, designed to raise narrowboats and barges fifty feet into the air, and thus provide them with a means of moving between the River Weaver and the nearby Trent and Mersey Canal.It was officially opened in 1875, and has been in service virtually ever since – with the notable exception being the period between 1983 and 2002, after which it was restored to full working order at the cost of around £7 million.

The structure, as it stands today, looks a little bit like an enormous spider.It’s a stunning piece of engineering – and one which merits close-up inspection.

Macclesfield Museums

Macclesfield is home to not one, but four fascinating museums – each of which offers the visitor something entirely different from the others.There’s the silk museum, where visitors can journey along the silk road, discovering the material’s impact upon the town’s history along the way.There are the old Sunday school houses, which offer a different perspective on roughly the same period of time.Then there’s the paradise mill, where the silk was actually spun, and where you’ll be able to examine twenty-six different restored jacquard looms, and even see a weaving demonstration be performed.Finally, there’s the West Park Museum, in the town’s West Park.There, you’ll be able to find the collections of Egyptologist Marianne Brokclehurst, comprising nearly five-hundred Egyptian and Sudanese objects.There are also a few items of local history here, too – just to mix things up a little bit.

Where can I stay?

If you’re intent on visiting Cheshire to take advantage of any of these attractions, then you’ll be pleased to note that there are an array of fantastic hotels in the county. Carden Park in Cheshire is one of them, boasting a wealth of fantastic facilities that’ll make your stay a great deal more enjoyable.

Among these facilities are a swimming pool, a spa, a quartet of bars and restaurants, and a pair of world-class golf courses where you’ll be able to swing away an afternoon or two.The spa offers a great means of relaxing at the end of a long day’s sightseeing – and there’s even a hairdresser on site that’ll help you to look your best.The hotel is perfect for an informal retreat – but if you’re looking for something a little bit more formal, then it’s up there with the best Cheshire wedding venues, and is a great place to organise a corporate retreat.

With such a great deal to do and see, and plenty of opportunity for relaxation and leisure, Cheshire is a great place to spend this spring.Why not therefore start planning your trip right now?You’re almost sure not to regret it!