What You Should Know About Egg Freezing and Donation

Women have two major options for planning their reproductive future: egg freezing and egg donation. These two paths are similar, with the only difference being what you hope to accomplish with each one of them. If you live in or nearĀ Hoboken, egg freezing is an option for you to preserve your eggs for later use? You can also go for egg freezing to give hope to a couple experiencing a challenge when trying to conceive.

If you are a lady in good health, at your most fertile years for childbirth, and are desirous of planning for the future, here is what you need to know about egg freezing and egg donation.

The Process for Both

After you have decided that egg freezing or donation can help your situation, your doctor will start by preparing you for the procedure. Your doctor at University Reproductive Associates will use hormone injections for some weeks before the egg harvesting. Hormonal treatment has minimal or no side effects.

After your eggs have matured and your doctor is certain that it is the right time to harvest them, you will visit the clinic for the procedure. This is a low-risk procedure and your doctor will use anesthesia to make you comfortable during treatment. After your eggs have been removed, they will proceed to the lab for further processing, subject to whether they are to be frozen or donated to a couple in need. It is important to note that you can have children naturally after egg harvesting.

Why Opt for Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a wonderful option if you want to pursue academics before settling to have a family later in life with your partner, past your prime years of fertility. Genetics can also play a part in your decision to go for egg freezing. If you come from a family with a history of early menopause, egg freezing is an option. You can also choose to freeze your eggs out of necessity. If you have had a cancer diagnosis, the use of harsh medication can trigger premature menopause. This can make it impossible for you to have children. Egg freezing

can enable you to have children after you have completed cancer treatment.

What Does Egg Donation Entail?

At present, people have started to appreciate the role of egg donation among couples having a hard time trying to have a baby. Egg donation can help if you have been struggling to have children without success. The procedure can be an excellent way to help if you have a medical condition preventing you from conceiving or in a same-sex relationship. Egg donation can make a great impact on another person’s life.

Becoming a parent is among the things which bring immeasurable joy in life. If you are a woman at the climax of your fertile years and are not ready to have a child, there are options to safeguard your fertility in the future or help a childless couple have the joy of becoming a parent. Consult your experienced doctor to learn more about egg freezing and egg donation.