What You Can Do to Improve Your Prostate Health

Men have unique health needs, particularly as they get older. Prostate health is a significant concern as studies show that one in every seven men is diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Therefore, as a man, you will want to ensure that you improve your prostate health to minimize your cancer risks and other complications. Medical experts such as Prabhdeep Singh, MD, FACP, an El Centro men’s health specialist can help you through preventative care. However, you can also improve your prostate health in the following ways.

Know Your Risks

It is crucial to understand your risk levels for prostate health complications as it can help you take the necessary precautions and seek help in advance. Learning of your family history is one way to understand your risks. Suppose one of your immediate family members had a prostate health complication, your chances of developing the issue increases. But learning this in advance will enable you to get advanced help and work towards a comprehensive preventative program.

Be Aware of the Symptoms of Potential Prostate Problems

Knowing how to identify some complications will help you detect them when they occur. Some common symptoms such as blood in urine, erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, or passing urine, constantly feeling the urge to urinate, and low back pain can indicate a prostate problem. However, it would be helpful to talk to your doctor to help you understand the particular signs of different complications.

Prostate Health

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Your health provider is trained to understand the changes in your body and can identify prostate problems as soon as they emerge. But you will need to maintain close contact with them, such as by going for regular checkups and screenings, particularly if you hit the age of 45. But if you have already identified some risk factors, it would be good to begin visits early irrespective of your age.

Ejaculate Often

For a long time, it has been believed that multiple ejaculations during masturbation, sex, or dreams increased prostate cancer. However, recent studies suggest that it is, in fact, the opposite where frequent ejaculation can protect the prostate. Some of the carcinogens in the prostate can be flushed away through ejaculation, and the fluids in the prostate can also turn over quickly, reducing the cancer risk. Besides, regular ejaculation helps ease psychological tension, slowing down the growth of cancer cells.

Make Some Dietary Changes

Some foods are beneficial for your prostate health, while others increase your risks of complications. Therefore, it would help consult your doctor on the necessary nutrition to add to your menu to improve your prostate health. The following dietary changes are essential for your health:

  •       Eating whole grains and more fruits and vegetables.
  •       Being selective in your protein consumption.
  •       Increasing the amount of soy in your diet.
  •       Limiting sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake.
  •       Limiting salt intake.
  •       Managing your fat intake.

This way, you can improve your prostate health and prevent some of the complications, including cancer. Remember to reach out to Dr. Singh for expert preventative men’s health care. You will benefit from several professional techniques for maintaining your prostate health. Besides, please book an appointment and consult Dr. Singh about anything you think can help improve your health before trying it out.