What will be Offered in the Upcoming 2019 Mazda6

Since when Mazda has introduced their 6 Series, the Mazda6 has always been considered a beautiful car.But as its flagship sedan the Mazda kept improving the series with relevant changes, we all were eager to have. For the year 2018 the Mazda6 has received a significant facelift, because of which we don’t expect any such important change to take place for its 2019 model.

Expected Release Date

In an advertisement that reads Mazda6 for sale Las Vegas, we were informed by the dealership specialists that the 2019 Mazda6 is mostly expected to start ts journey from themonth of February in 2019. The estimate guessed for its release date can be sometime in the month of April in 2019. With the existing features and improvements, the 2019 Mazda6 are sure to offer the following, if not more.

When the 2018 Mazda6made its official debut at the LA Auto Show, its improved features included good work in the areas of overall performance, refinement in design and appearance, and of course its fuel efficiency.

The Exterior

As for the exterior styling, Mazda6 didn’t need much work to be done. However, a new grille design with standard LED headlights still boke the monotony from its previous year models. Moreover, the new 17- and 19-inch wheels and a new Sumptuous Soul Red Crystal color for its paint were there to bring the all-new feeling.

The Interior

Mazda has always chosen to make their cars more “premium” than “luxury.” Hence the new Signature wood trim with Nappa leather, and UltraSuede NU accents added to the vehicle made it a premium car that is worth having a second look.

With an entirely new interior, the Mazda would always look up-scale when you step in. Starting from the steering wheel, each of the part in its cabin, like the front and rear seats will exhibit the premium quality in every angle. They are now wider and softer with an improved level of padding with a higher-density foam. Mazda never compromised on Ventilated seats, and Mazda6 for both 2018 and 2019 won’t be any exception.

Technology Support

The Mazda6 trims since 2018 are blessed with lotsof techfeatures that glorify its infotainment system as well as driving aid features. From a seven-inch instrument cluster that can be re-configured, the Mazda6 continues to add an eight-inch Mazda Connect infotainment screen with a cool head-up display, a pair of de-icing windshield-wipers, an adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capability, while the overall ride gets smoother with the best noise isolation level in the class.

The Powertrain

Needless to say, that with every significant change, the Mazda6receives some more gust of power. In 2018, it engaged a powertrain that came with a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, that could offer an impressive torque of 310 lb.-ft at 2,000 rpm.


After searching on the web asking Mazda for sale near me, all I came to know was these details. But till Mazda announces the release, all we can do is waiting for its release in the coming spring.