What to see, do, and experience in each of the Jeunesse 2017 Expo cities

Are you a Jeunesse distributor? If you have been paying attention to the company’s fortunes lately, times are good, as sales have been on fire across the globe.

To celebrate everyone’s amazing achievements, they have set up Expo events in five cities around the world throughout 2017.

Plan on going to one of these gatherings? Here’s what you can do, see, and experience in the host cities when you aren’t attending these incredible parties.

1) Orlando

Bringing your family with you? Jeunesse business owners in Canada and the USA will adore the fact that the North American event is being hosted in Orlando. 

With plenty of theme parks to keep the kids busy before, during, and after the conference, you will be able to focus on enjoying yourself at the Jeunesse events, knowing the kids are bored out of their minds.

When you are all together again, take a quick trip to either coast and experience one of Florida’s amazing white sand beaches. 

2) Milan 

Fans of fine architecture, history, and amazing cuisine will love the location of Europe expo. Milan, Italy has the honor of hosting Jeunesse’s European representatives – when meetings aren’t in session, this city has plenty of attractions to keep you interested.

The Milan Cathedral (also known as the Duomo) will fill up your camera with plenty of amazing shots,  while La Scala (one of the world’s most famed opera houses) will entertain you after the sun sets.

After the expo finishes up, check out the Dolomites in the Alps. While there are plenty of amazing peaks in Europe, these rank among the best. 

3) Bangkok

Live in the Asia-Pacific region? Get ready, because the expo gathering is being held in Bangkok. Also known as the Big Mango, there is plenty to do outside the Jeunesse events. 

There are tons of temples to visit, with Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace all being top-flight attractions. 

You will never be left wanting for a killer party, as Sukhumvit Road and Khao San Road have scores of compelling clubs lining their streets.

After the conference has concluded, head south to Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, and Krabi, as these islands are home to some of the most pristine beaches on Earth. 

4) Macau

 Those unable to attend the gathering in Bangkok will have a second option available to them, as Macau is hosting a second Jeunesse event in this part of the world in 2017. 

Love to live life dangerously? When you aren’t attending a talk or a meet-and-greet, pay a visit to one of Macau’s famed casinos. The Grand Lisboa, the Wynn, and others have made such an impression since their founding, that Macau has come to be known as the Las Vegas of Asia. 

However, there is more to this place than just gaming – the local food scene is also worth exploring, the historic center will make you think that you are in Europe rather than Asia, and Taoist temples like A-Ma will keep you busy when you aren’t busy networking with other Jeunesse representatives. 

5) Sao Paulo 

Live in Latin America? Your 2017 Jeunesse Expo event is being held in the exciting Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo. 

This enigmatic city will capture your imagination quickly, as its sizzling nightlife scene, artistic energy, and passionate people are all hidden within a nonchalant cityscape. 

If you have never done so before, take the opportunity to attend a football match while you are here, as you will quickly find out that Brazilian sports fans are some of the most energetic supporters you ever witness in person.