What to look for while buying a folding bike?

Price, Features, Wheel size, Ease in folding, Speed, Durability, Size when folded, Comfort, Weight, Aesthetics (Design & Looks), Comfort and Performance.

These points are however subjective and would differ from person to person when it comes to buying the best folding bike. For some the price may be the deciding factor whereas for some, the wheel size or the aesthetics may be of more consequence. So, it would be best to prepare a checklist of sorts and note down your options as your come upon them and test them out. You may choose to score them as well to make it easier to come to a decision on which one to purchase. Especially with the variety available nowadays it is no wonder many are switching to folding bikes now. So here you have an extensive low down on foldable bikes and its upsides and downsides. This will definitely help you make an informed decision if you are pondering purchasing one.

best folding bike2Pointers to keep in mind while buying a folding bike

Being ridiculed–No doubt if you are going to be one of a few persons riding a foldable bike, there are chances you will be ridiculed by those with larger looked bikes. It does take a lot of confidence to be able to take this in your stride and take this in a positive manner.

Flat handles: Folding bikes more often than not come with flat handlebars which tend to limit ones hand positions. And as common knowledge, it is way more comfortable to have the option of different hand positions. You may choose to fit bar end on them later on but you would need to find the right ones which do not hinder the ability to fold. So yes, this does tend to be a tad bit inconvenient.

Limited Gearing: Most foldable bikes have three speed hubs. While this may not be a concern if one is riding just to work or the supermarket and back, it does tend to be a deal breaker for those who have to ride over hilly areas or wish for a more intense biking experience.

Not only are they convenient, but are pocket friendly too and require next to nil maintenance.

So what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest sporting goods store and try out one for fun. For all you know, you may fall in love and pick it up.