What to Expect at a Weight Loss Clinic

If you have been looking for solutions to obesity or significant weight gain, then you have probably read or heard about weight loss doctors. But who are they and what do they do? Weight loss doctors are licensed medical practitioners who treat patients in weight loss clinics. They specialize in providing medical weight loss programs. Medical weight loss programs are usually multifaceted; encompassing exercise, nutrition, and counseling. Therefore, if you visit a 94583 weight loss clinic, you will realize that weight loss doctors work with other professionals such as nurses, physician assistants, dieticians, and psychologists. Below are some things that you can expect by seeking the assistance of a weight loss doctor at a weight loss clinic.

Medical Assessment:

When you visit a weight loss clinic, you can expect a weight loss doctor to conduct a focused assessment to evaluate your risk for diseases related to weight. Your medical physical and physical history will be analyzed, with a focus on nutrition, weight, and weight loss. In some cases, your physiological history may be of importance to your doctor. The doctor will then help you to craft a multidimensional weight loss program focusing on all the areas of interest.

Weight Loss Clinic

Diet and Exercise Programs:

Generally speaking, exercising regularly and eating the right amount and type of food are the foundations of medical weight loss programs. However, every person is unique, and your body could be responding to food in a peculiar way. Therefore, a nutrition plan that has worked for other people may not necessarily work for you. As a result, when you visit a weight loss clinic, you can expect a weight loss doctor to help you in developing a diet plan that is specific to your situation. Similarly, physical exercise can offer an excellent boost to your weight loss efforts, and your weight loss doctor will help you in crafting an effective weight loss program that is relatively easier for you to follow.


There is a strong connection between mental health problems, such as stress and weight gain. As such, counseling may be a necessity for some people to lose weight. To this end, most weight loss clinics can help you in finding the necessary mental health support for you to achieve your desired physical fitness goals.

Meal Replacement Plans:

In some cases, weight loss plans may come with meal replacement options such as shakes and bars. Patients may also have to take weight loss medication. With the guidance of a weight loss doctor, such medication is safe. In case of any side effects, a weight loss doctor can assist you in dealing with them.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, it is apparent that weight loss doctors are not people you just talk to for a few minutes and just send you off to the pharmacy. They actively and enthusiastically work with you until you have achieved your fitness goals. If you are looking for a reliable weight loss clinic with a supportive weight loss doctor, East Bay Wellness is the answer. Feel free to contact them today for more information.