What to do and what not to do if you want to change your hairstyle

Our hair is the frame the shapes our faces and its colour is the shade that enhances our features. It’s no surprise that women will go through great lengths to keep their lock up to the latest fashion trends and experiment different colours, hair cuts and styles.

However, there are fashion trends and hair colours that can take away the vibrant natural texture of our hair, leaving it damaged, thin and dull. You’re probably wondering how celebrities manage to change their hair colour and style so often and still keep it looking fabulous.

The truth is… most of the times they’re using hair extensions or wigs. Wigs are a great alternative if you want to change your hair colour or style without damaging your natural locks, or making a long-term commitment.

If you feel like being daring but are afraid that you might change your mind soon after getting your haircut, don’t!

Try a different colour without damaging your hair

Hair dyes can have a huge negative impact on the health of your hair. Especially if you want to go for the light pink, mermaid styles and other unicorn hair colours that look dashing and magical, but that also need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking bright.

Pinterest and Instagram stars tend to leave out of the picture the hazardous effects of bleaching your hair. It steals away the moisture, causing breakage. And apart from bleaching your hair to a lighter shade, it can also cause discolouration in your scalp.

Having to do this constantly to avoid the roots showing ends up becoming an annoying experience that steals a lot of your time and that leaves your hair frail and dull.

Going for a wig will save you tons of time and money in the long run. Your wig becomes your go-to item if you feel like changing your style but without having to damage your locks, and making a long-term commitment to a style that you probably don’t want to rock 24/7.

When you buy a wig, make sure to go for quality, a good quality wig will have the natural elements that will give you a great hairstyle if you’re in the UK check for  a premium wig shop in Surrey.

Avoid drastic trends

The undercut came into the spotlight in 2016, and since then girls across the globe have gone with their hairdresser to shave the bottom part of their heads.

The Pinterest pictures are entertaining to watch, but remember that this is the haircut that you’ll have 24 hours, and 7 days out of the week. Eventually, you’ll want to grow your hair and it will be a tedious wait. Can you imagine what it will be like growing the hair at the bottom of your head, and having an entirely different length in the rest of it? It’s not fun! That’s for sure.

Think if it’s a struggle you’re willing to endure for the sake of having a temporary hairstyle that only looks cute if you have your head tide up?

Same goes for the half shave head that was trending in 2012. A few months later we saw the same girls shaving their entire head of sporting an odd hairstyle where half their head had a weird hair length.