What Should I Know About Fire Glass?

Fire glass can be used to create a safer and more efficient outdoor space, but many people still use more traditional sources that can hurt the environment. They can also end up looking boring or traditional.  If you’re looking for something that’s eco-friendly and beautiful, then we’ll tell you more about how fire glass works.

What It Does

This type of glass has been specifically designed for use in fire pits to enhance the look of the flames. The glass makes the fire more visually appealing to look at by increasing their reflection and enhancing their color. It can also handle extremely high temperatures, and won’t melt (so long as the user follows the recommendations.) There will be no ash or fumes released when using it.

When to Use It

You can use this instead of gas logs, and it’s recommended for those who both want to create a dramatic space for their fire. You will immediately see a major difference in how the fire is experienced by those in the home. If you own a restaurant or commercial space, it will create a memorable impression on anyone who sees your outdoor seating — whether they sit near it or not. You can use it with non-vented or vented fireplaces, as well as general outdoor pits. You can use it indoors, but you’ll need to check to make sure you have the right burner system first. It can be used with propane or natural gas, but you will may need to buy a connection kit, depending on the exact specifications of your fire structure.

Fire glass

Style, Safety and Durability

There are a number of different choices you can make when it comes to getting the color and size of the glass you want. You can test out the look that fits your home the best, whether that’s accent or reflective glass. The pieces will be smooth and washed, for fewer punctures or scrapes when working with it. You will still need to be careful with it, as breaks can still happen. Tempered glass will typically last longer without any kind of discoloration, so it’s recommended if you’re going hoping for a long-term investment.  This glass will last forever, as long as it’s treated well and left in the fireplace.

There are a number of ways to get the fire pit of your dreams, and fire glass is an excellent option for those who like a little bit of drama in their lives. If you’re at home, the space can provide a beautiful place to mediate, read or have a glass of wine. Commercial owners may just find their business increasing when they invest in fire glass.