What receptionists want from a visitor management system

The role of the receptionist is often underestimated. Business owners can forget the impact the receptionist has and the fact that they are the first face a visitor usually sees. This is why their interaction with visitors counts and their needs for managing this interaction during business hours should always be taken into consideration.

In spite of the size, place, or number of employees, your business requires to have a visitor management scheme in place – one that keep tracks of every visitor entering the service, stores their details in a database, and can faster produce audit series and reports in case of an accident or emergency. Including visitor ID badges that are worn by everyone entering the service into visitor management treaty is a chief security characteristic for recognizing all unwanted individuals on the premises at any specific time.

When it comes to visitor management system UK receptionists and those around the world will agree that there are some criteria they need their systems to meet.

Knowing who is expected

For a receptionist, knowing who is expected at peak times is essential. Having prior knowledge as to which visitors are expected and when helps them to manage the flow of sign-ins. By being able to anticipate when the majority of visitors will arrive, receptionists can structure their workflow and man the front desk in the most efficient manner.

In quiet times, they may want to relax a little. While this does not mean kicking off their shoes, it can mean working free from interruption or catching up on work-related phone calls.

Easy reference systems

For a receptionist who uses a visitor management system UK product, one of the key criteria would be that the system stores frequent visitor details so that they do not have to repeatedly re-enter the same information every time. This both saves time and streamlines processes considerably.

Seamless sign-outs

Managing sign-outs is often a major issue. Visitors leave without announcing they are doing so; alternatively, they can simply forget. If a receptionist can control their access rights, they can ensure that a person is signed out and does not re-enter the building without signing in again.

Pre-registration facilities

A system should have the facility to enable the pre-registration of any person or paperwork that needs to be processed in advance. This enables the receptionist to ease any pressure on the check-in process and to be fully prepared for all visitors and their exacting needs.

Easy emergency evacuation

In the case of an emergency, it is crucial to know who is in the building. A receptionist can easily account for everyone if they have a complete list of visitors. In this way, they can ensure that the evacuation process is completed safely, quickly and in full.

Still, numerous enterprises banish the requirement for executing a visitor management system in their lobbies, and their reasons for banishing this valuable protection solution do not sufficiently answer the issues of securing the employees, property and other visitors.