What is Vinyl Tape Used For?

What most people love about vinyl tape is its versatility. It’s used for various projects and it comes in a wide variety of colors. The materials it is made of vary to suit the project at hand. However, most vinyl tapes are made of plastic or you guessed it vinyl. Its ability to stretch makes it the ideal tape for electrical projects.

How Vinyl Tape Is Used In The industrial Industry?

Let’s take a look at how the industrial vinyl tape is used in the industrial industry. While there are many brands on the market the most popular brand of vinyl tape is 3M. If you’re not familiar with marking tape it is used to mark territories on flooring to sperate spaces used for various projects.

The most popular vinyl tape colors used for floor marking is yellow, blue, and a mix of yellow with black in it. To install the marking tape is quite simple you must prep the floor area by sweeping it. If that doesn’t do the trick use a flooring detergent with a mop. This is sure to remove any surface oil or film build-ups.

Next, mark the area you want to install the tape. Remove the blue back portion of the tape and press the sticky portion on the desired surface. As you’re installing the tape to its surface you’re slowly removing the blue portion from the sticky portion of the tape.

You can confirm the tape is snug to the surface by going over it using a cardboard dolly or a squeegee. It is best to allow the tape to settle to the flooring for 6 to 8 hours before applying any liquids to it. The 3m 471 vinyl tape should perform perfectly.

This brand of vinyl tape is made with a special backing formula which promotes a lay-flat surface. The 3M 471 vinyl tape is dependable and easily curves while installing. If surface scratches on the tape concern you try going with a 3M 5702. The 3M 471 tape is great because as you remove the tape after long term uses the tape doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

Vinyl Tape For Electrical Purposes

It’s important to note that not all vinyl electrical tape is created equal. You will find some off-brands on the market that offers a lot of product for the price. They may even try to compare it to quality brands such as 3M but over time you will know the difference.

When searching for vinyl electrical tape your tape should offer you the following: strength, more stretchability, high resistance to UV rays, resistance to moisture, acid corrosion, and more. The PVC backing on the tape makes it water-resistant. Look for a brand that is flame resistant such as the 3M Scotch Super 33+.

This brand is known to last long and provide very strong adhesion. A great way to test if your tape is flame resistant is to stretch about 3 inches of the electrical tape over the table and set a lighter to it. A good electrical tape will immediately put the flame out. A brand that is of low quality will burn up the tape.

It is possible for you to test for elasticity as well. To conduct this test it is best if you purchase a total of three brands to compare quality. Roll-off about 16 inches of tape from each product and next you will take both ends of each strip and tape it over an upside-down chair about 2 to 3 times.

You should see 2 chairs upside down and three strips of electrical tape across the two chairs. Be sure the strips have no protective backings. Next, simply continue pushing down to see which tape has the best elasticity. I can almost guarantee you the cheap product will snap. As you can see by conducting your tests you can and will save time and money.