What is the reason for all the air pollution in the environment?

There are so many competitions that are going on all around the world on growing industries for the advantage of all the people on the earth. The industrialization has been a total game changer in the employment sectors and many other sectors around that. There are so many people who got employed during that time and there are many who are still working in the same business even now from many years.

There are many advantages that human beings got from investing in these industrial sectors. But little did people know at that time that there are many disadvantages that people during that time did not aware of that time and we are the one who is suffering today. The main loss that we got from all those sectors is air pollutions. With the burning of fossil fuels, people used to generate a hell lot of energy that helps them to run train, make different products in the industries which are useful for human use.

This air pollution gets stuck into the ozone layer of the earth surface despite knowing this entire people used to think by the time they will suffer problems from all these things, scientists and engineers will come up with a solution for curing this out. But as we all know this is not an easy task to tick off quickly. Because generating something that will help us to reduce air pollution and the effect of these ultraviolet rays that are coming from the sky is just an unbelievable task. But there are few people who really care about the environment and they are the reason why we are still surviving on such a beautiful part of the universe. One of the major problems that people face because of this is problems related to eyes. This Seems like a small one but people after reaching the age of forty and fifty are really facing some serious problems related to eye.  Go and shop online at https://www.theeyelab.com.au/.

How does it affect our eyes?

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