What is The Most Loved Car in the UK at the Moment?

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and traders which counts the number of new cars and brands sold in the UK shows the most popular, brands such Mercedes, Audi etc., models such as hatchbacks and colour. This gives a great insight into the popularity of certain brands, models and colours over others as preferred by UK shoppers.

In 2016, with over 2.7 millioncars being registered, a huge leap from previous years, hatchbacks are a favorite among the UK car lovers. With the wide range of new models and brands in the market as well as great financing deals, the car market contributed to the growth in the number of new car owners. According to the 2016 numbers, car shoppers preferred petrol and diesel engines although the number of hybrids and fully electric cars also showed a rise of approximately 20%. The most popular car with UK shoppers in 2016, however, is the Ford Fiesta Hatchback.

The Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Currently the most popular car in the UK, Ford Fiesta sold more cars than any other brand in the UK. Its domination of the best seller chart is probably due to its comfort built, fun driving experience and safety. Besides, it is great looking too! The Ford Fiesta’s driving experience is as close to a sports car’s driving experience without the prohibitive cost. It has also,been popular with environment conscious shoppers due to its minimal CO2 imprint. It sold over 120,000 cars. Here are the features, of the small Ford Fiesta Hatchback.

  • Great driving experience.
  • Economical to buy, operate and service.
  • Modern exterior design.


It has a petrol fuelled 1.0 litre Eco Boost Engine that makes driving a small hatchback fun as well as reducing CO2 imprint. It also offers high performance and is economical in terms of fuel use. With a quality chassis, great handling and steering capabilities and assurance of safety, the Ford Fiesta Hatchback is a great entry level and family car. Moreover, it is also a low cost car in terms of initial buying costs and running and maintenance/servicing costs.


It has a comfortable interior though the three-seat model can feel a bit cramped. Also, the boot space is abit limited. The dashboard is quite cluttered and together with the infotainment systems and screens can feel a bit dated. However, the next generation Fiestas expected in the market this year are expected to have better in-car technology and enhanced practicality. For more information on getting your Ford Fiesta insured you need to visit the top car warranty insurance company in the UK – http://www.click4warranty.co.uk . This Car warranty insurance company that is underwrite by car warranty insurance conglomerate Red Sands Insurance.