What is Smartlipo and Should You Go for It?

If you are thinking about liposuction, then chances are that you have probably already heard about Smartlipo. Nevertheless, it’s hard to determine if the procedure would be right for you without actually knowing what you are getting into. In order to make your decision easier, read on and find out everything that there is to know about Smartlipo surgery.

What is it?

Smartlipo, or laser lipolysis, is a newer version of liposuction surgery which utilises laser technology to melt and remove stubborn fat from different sections of the body. Once the laser fibre introduced though the cannula manages to melt the fat, the same tube is used to mechanically suck the liquefied fat out of the body. In parts of the body like the face, where the fat levels are minimal, the cannula incision may not even be necessary as our body would likely reabsorb the fat automatically.

What are the Benefits?

Smartlipo got its name because it was introduced back in 2006 as the smarter choice for most people. Read the following points to understand what the advantages of using this form of liposuction actually are:

  • Less taxing for the person going through the surgery
  • Faster recovery time because it’s much less aggressive in how it works
  • Smartlipo can be used to address the fat in the neck or the face much more easily and without leaving cannula marks
  • Laser lipolysis leaves the skin firmer than before as a result of tissue coagulation
  • Fewer risk factors

Who is it for?

This is perhaps the most important question as it will determine whether or not you should go for Smartlipo or regular lipolysis. The truth is that it’s perfect for those that are looking to tone their body or face by losing stubborn fat which refuses to go away even after years of weight loss training and dieting. It also addresses portions of our body which exercise and diet generally cannot target, like the face for example.

A Smartlipo session from the reputed London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic could be the perfect solution for toning those six pack abs that you just can’t make prominent enough even after trying for years, or to get rid of that chubby face you have been stuck with forever. However, it is not ideal for heavily overweight people who need to have a lot of fat removed from all locations of their body. Traditional liposuction surgery would definitely be able to help them better in such cases.

Are there Any Risks?

As soon as you go under the knife (or laser in this case), there are risks and Smartlipo procedures are no exception to that rule either. However, the risk factors are limited and even if something does create a problem, rest assured that the effects are mostly temporary. Nevertheless, you should have an idea about them beforehand.

  • Skin discoloration in the operated area
  • Burns from the laser treatment
  • Infection in the operated area
  • Saggy skin
  • Appearance of temporary lumps in the operated area
  • Minor scarring
  • Lipolysis can be painful post-operation once the effects of the anaesthetics begin to wear off

The good news is that improvements in medical technology have almost made Smartlipo procedures risk-free and most of the potential negative effects of the surgery are hardly ever noticed nowadays. As long as you have the procedure done at a reputed clinic, you should be just fine.