What is PrEP, How Does it Prevent HIV?

HIV remains a critical global health issue that has claimed millions of lives and affected many individuals. The disease is highly transmittable, hence new infections every day. Luckily, even with no cure, HIV has become manageable, allowing the infected individuals to live better, healthy lives.

Prevention measures are vital in curbing the disease, such as having protected sex and avoiding sharing unsterilized needles and syringes. You can also use PrEP in East Village to protect yourself from the disease, especially if you are at risk of getting the infection. Contact Dr. Matt Pabis, MD, to learn how PrEP can be of help to you.

What is PrEP?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is medicine for persons at risk of acquiring HIV, e.g., after unprotected sex or after using unsterilized injections. The treatment prevents you from developing the virus and is highly effective when prescribed by a medical provider.

HIV blocks a person’s ability to fight off infections, which can lead to AIDS development. Your body is incapable of eliminating the virus, even with treatment. PrEP is an optional daily treatment used to lower the chances of developing the infection.

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Who should use PrEP?

It would be best if you used PrEP following a doctor’s prescription. During your consultation with Dr. Pabis, he evaluates your lifestyle habits among your other daily routines and health history to determine if PrEP fits you.

PrEP helps you lower your risk of getting HIV if you have a high chance of getting the infection from your daily life or lifestyle. PrEP is particularly effective when you follow the dosage as advised by your doctor.

How effective is PrEP?

PrEP decreases the chance of getting HIV from unprotected sex by approximately 99% when taken per prescription. It is also 74% effective for people using drug injections when taken as prescribed.

How long should you take PrEP for its effectiveness?

The medication provides complete protection from HIV for receptive anal sex individuals after using it daily for seven days. It takes about 21 days of use for PrEP to be fully adequate to individuals for receptive vaginal sex and injection drug use.

What does PrEP medication involve?

PrEP treatment is safe and involves taking oral medicine daily for a prescribed period. Before starting the treatment, an HIV test is necessary to ensure you do not already have the disease. Other follow-up tests are also critical every three months.

Though PrEP medication is entirely safe, you may experience some side effects during the treatment, such as nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue, headaches. The side effects usually go away after some time. If they become severe or persist for long, you should consult your doctor.

Should you use protection while on PrEP?

It is essential to use protection during sexual activities, even when on PrEP medications. Condom use can help prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Contact a PrEP specialist today.

PrEP is beneficial for preventing HIV when used right. HIV is a killer disease that affects many individuals today. Do not be among the infected, and choose protection. Talk to Dr. Pabis today to learn more about how PrEP can help you.