What is FitKidz Learning Centre and Its Purpose?

Every child is considered a blessing from God. They have the right to be taken care of by the time their parent is absent.  If their guardian or parent fails to do their role. The State must take responsibility for the child. Giving their basic needs for growth and development.

Children’s rights acknowledge basic guarantees to all human beings. The right to dignity and most importantly the right to live. Through the safety of mental and physical integrity. Every child has the right to play, rest, and relax. To join in cultural and creative activities.

There are some organizations, centers, and foundations that are helping the children. One of these is the Fir Kidz Foundation.

Discover what FitKidz Foundation all about

Early learning centre Sydney Foundation is not for profit Early Intervention Service which supports children. Those with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities, their local community, and their families. The Fit Kidz Foundation provides a range of Early Intervention services. That meets the demand of the local community.

Fit Kidz is about family, learning, and love. More than 15 years of experience in Early childhood Education and Care. They have extended into a group of nine Learning Centres. Across North Shore and Hills District. They remain a small family-operated business at their heart.

Early learning centre Sydney

The Owners

Fit Kidz Learning Centres is a business owned by a family. With owners Mick and Melissa Scaife. Who takes charge on approach to running their Centres. The Scaifes are situated in the Hills district and they have 3 beautiful boys of their own. Each of whom has attended and handle Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

Mission and Philosophy

They believe in the treasure value of children. And the vital role they play in the early and most important part of their values. That belief is the foundation of their values. The mission of FitKidz Learning Centres includes:

  • To be an advanced provider of quality care and learning. To strive beyond excellence in all they do.
  • To promote good health and fitness to children. To give a warm, caring environment. In which to grow, to inspire children of all ages, abilities, nationalities. And cultures to play and learn in harmony.
  • To introduce to the children a love of learning to take through life. A sense of respect for themselves, and the planet they live in.
  • To have uprightness and integrity in all their dealings.
  • To represent them as a promoter. For the significance of quality early education for all children.
  • To be in charge of and engaged members of their community.
  • To inspire their people, through authenticity and be a company in which they can be proud.

What kinds of activities do they offer?

 Their goal at FitKidz is to engage your child. Together with teaching children the basics. They make fun activities that include relay races, speed, and obstacle courses. Also agility drills, team games, and many more. They instill the joy of fitness in every child. You can check more details at https://www.fitkidz.com.au/.