What is all about Magic Eraser Mop?

Tough spots and dry spatter have no potential for success against Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, however, who needs to bend down to clean them? No doubt that’s the opinion: none of us for the same reason. Fortunately, the producers of Magic Eraser found an answer: the Magic Eraser Mop.

What is Magic Eraser Mop?

Truly a mop that uses a magic eraser? Totally! The magic eraser mop lets one use the cleaning force of a standard Magic Eraser to finish off a nice, full handle.

It’s anything but a wide variety of surfaces, including vinyl, marble, wax-free floors, stone, and tile. It should not be used on wooden floors as it can damage the finish and surface. In addition, innovative customers have found it amazing to clean bathtubs and tile partitions.

Item Specifications

This mop has a delicate handle on handle that makes it pleasant to use. The crank rotates reasonably, which can make it easier to reach problem areas. Likewise, it can be difficult to apply that extra force to cleaning stubborn stains, so one can imagine one like this component.

Personal Review

The model inspected has a pressure bend that one presses against the mop head to extract water during use. Different models use butterfly-style focus rollers or collapse to eliminate excess water. This can be more appealing than the crush plan, which struggles to eliminate enough water.