What is a driver’s job? Why do delivery drivers get higher wages than others?

Delivery drivers are the people who drive at the final step of the delivery chain. The role of a delivery driver is to deliver goods to a destination within a certain time, usually a place of residence or a business. So, they offer higher pay than other driving jobs. Now it’s a perfect time to find a lowongan kerja driver.

Drivers’ requirements are to be well-timed and expert when delivering a package, but also be safe at driving and handling the products carefully. As this is the key to the supply chain and customer service, most businesses consider it the most important step in the delivery procedure.

Requirements for the delivery driver

This job won’t expect a lot of requirements like usual drivers’ requirements. This includes

  • Driving license
  • Experience
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • And some other basics.

If you don’t have any previous experience, it’s not an issue. The experience is only to be considered for the bonus of the individual employee. During the training period, you will be guided by an expert.

Most companies now require medical fitness and background checks. No need to worry; they will sponsor you for the medical test if you have the required skills for the job. If you are medically fit and have no black marks on your career, you will be selected for posting. There is huge lowongan kerja driver in this industry.


Technology has developed a lot in recent years. This helps the industry and the buyer communicate more easily than usual. The delivery procedures are also easy to find the location using technology and the buyer and seller can track the order location and further details. Delivery drivers are the last step of the delivery service and play an important role in the whole service.

Tracking is the best technology that unlocks a way of communication between the driver and recipient, allowing them to know about the delivery status and its location. The tracking also includes the following details:

Real-Time Transit Information

Real-Time Transit Information, also known as RTTI, It provides information about the order to the customers. This includes the order status, delivery time, and any possible delays in the delivery.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery is the duty of the delivery driver to collect a customer signature or photocopy at the customer’s doorstep along with the order.

Text Alerts

Text alerts are usually sent to the customer’s registered number by the courier partners to confirm that the order is delivered at the hand of the right person.