What is a Drainless Tummy Tuck?

Today most surgeons are conducting tummy tuck procedures without having to use drains. The procedure has gained so much attention that it is almost impossible for you to get out of the consultation room without discussing it with your doctor. Before heading to a Memphis aesthetic medical spa, it is crucial for you to have some facts about the procedure.

What is the purpose of a drain and why would you need one?

You may require drains after a tummy tuck procedure to help get rid of the excess fluids that accumulate under the skin. This fluid buildup is due to trauma to the skin and soft tissues during surgery, making the body’s natural defense system swing into action. When your body detects trauma, both the blood and lymphatic vessels dilate to help transport the inflammatory cells to the area of injury. If the injured area has a place where the inflammatory fluids can accumulate, this leads to a buildup.

During the abdominoplasty procedure, the skin and abdominal muscle fascia are separated, and it takes some time before the skin can return to its normal position. Accumulation of fluid creates a water balloon (seroma), which pushes the skin away from the fascia muscle. If the seroma is left untreated, it can be difficult to eliminate it and can cause infection.

This is why your surgeon will place drains under your skin during treatment to get rid of this fluid. The drains allow the skin to deflate and quickly become once more adherent to the abdominal wall muscle fascia.

What are the benefits of drainless tummy tucks?

There are several benefits to drainless tummy tucks including.

Less hassle: It can be uncomfortable to walk around with tubes tucked under your abdomen after an abdominoplasty procedure. They are difficult to conceal under the clothing during the day and a nuisance at night since they can interfere with your sleep due to discomfort and fear of pulling off from the skin.

Lower risk of infection: Since the drainless tummy tuck procedure does not involve puncturing the skin when inserting the drain, there is a reduced chance for infection. Post-operative complications can result in a medical emergency.

Scars are better: Your doctor at A Beautiful You Medical Spa has reported better healing among patients over the years that they have used progressive tension sutures. This is because tension along the suture line becomes evenly distributed throughout the skin instead of only along the stitch line.

Easier recovery: Your recovery experience after an abdominoplasty procedure with or without drains is similar. While drains help remove fluid buildup, they are painful and their use makes the recovery process to be extended. A drain surgery is extensive and the recovery process is uncomfortable. You may have to rely on painkillers from time to time for pain relief. You will shower and walk around normally after undergoing a drainless surgery, which helps make the recovery journey more bearable.

Consult your surgeon to learn how drainless tummy tuck surgery can help you achieve your beauty goals.