What DUI lawyers can do that others can not

Have you ever wondered what a good DUI lawyer can get done? Someone who is experienced can do several things that other defendants would probably struggle with. And yes, we are not going to discuss boring things like changing your car and other stuff. We are talking about some serious stuff. If you want to know what DUI lawyers can do that others can’t, make sure to read this post.

Get to know the locals

Unless you have spent enough time inside as well as outside your criminal courts, a good DUI attorney will have a lot of experience and knowledge compared to you. Even though the attorney may not be able to judge like a public defender would be able to, you can choose a nice attorney who has the necessary experience when it comes to juries, local judges and local court rules.

Keeps track of all the filings and deadlines

Several steps within a DUI case will have deadlines that could elude you. If you are unable to request for dashcam footage within a certain time, the biggest evidence is police misconduct. There could be several numbers of motions that may not be able to be filed within the DUI case and the attorney will be well equipped to submit all the filings before you reach the deadlines.

Negotiate with the prosecutors

Next, the attorneys will work with those who are local prosecutors and hammer out the plea bargains or those alternatives who will jail the offenders who drink and drive. Some of these attorneys have many years of trust and goodwill and negotiate the know-how that others don’t possess. Several of the prosecutors within the practice may not be able to attempt or negotiate with the defendant who is representing that person.

The conviction can be expunged

Even if there is a conviction, they can be expunged. A good DUI attorney in Door County, WI will be able to help them potentially so that it doesn’t affect the credit or even their employment. The procedures of expungement are specific when it comes to the local and state courts and the attorney will know just how they should navigate around them.

Suggest you keep quiet

A big advantage of having a lawyer represent you apart from yourself is that someone who is a good DUI attorney will be able to tell you whenever you can keep your mouth quiet. A DUI lawyer who is competent may also be able to give you advice against those taking a stand within their defense. This may also lead you to be grilled by other prosecutors.

What should you ask a DUI lawyer?

Always make sure to ask questions like what options are available, how much it will cost, and what has your lawyers experience been with old DUI cases and how strong their cases have been.

If you are confused when it comes to finding a good lawyer, you should consider checking out a good and experienced DUI attorney and get a free consultation.