What Causes Joint Pain?

Some patients with joint discomfort often complain of a throbbing, grating, or burning sensation, especially in their hands, knees, spine, feet, or hips. This pain may be constant or come and go making your joints feel achy, sore, or stiff. Additionally, joint pain can affect your movement, making it difficult to do some basic tasks. However, you may opt. to engage yourself in minimal activities to help loosen these stiff joints. This post will look at the main causes of joint pain and the possible Studio City joint pain treatment solutions.

Joint Pain Causes

The following are some of the main causes of chronic joint pain:

  • Osteoarthritis A common type of arthritis occurs when the protective cushion between the bones (cartilage) wears away. This causes the joints to become stiff and painful.
  • GoutThis is a painful condition where body crystals accumulate in the joints, causing severe pain and swelling, especially in the big toe.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis A chronic disease that often deforms the joints causing swelling and pain, especially in the wrists and fingers.
  • Tendinitis– An inflammation of the tendons or the flexible bands that connect bone and muscle. It mainly occurs in the elbow, heel, or shoulder joints.
  • Bursitis Is caused by overusing the hip, knee, elbow, or shoulder joint.
  • Viral infections That cause rash or fever making joint movement very painful.
  • Injuries Such as broken bones or sprains.

Signs You Should See a Doctor

If you experience any difficulties when performing your daily routines, you should immediately seek medical assistance. This is because early diagnosis and treatment can play a crucial role in maintaining healthy, functional joints. Consult with your doctor if:

  • Pain is preventing you from performing basic tasks.
  • There is unexplained weight loss.
  • Pain is accompanied by a fever.

During your appointment, your doctor will first examine you to detect the immediate cause of your pain. Therefore, you should be ready to provide all the necessary details about other previous injuries to your joint, family history of joint pain, when the joint pain began, and the severity of your pain.

People at Risk of Joint Pain

Age plays a crucial factor in the wear and tear on joints, with this being common among older or middle-aged adults. Joint pain is also most common in people who:

  • Suffer from severe health problems.
  • Are obese.
  • Had severe previous injuries to a joint.
  • Suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression.
  • Repeatedly overuses certain muscles.
  • Have arthritis or other chronic medical complications.

 How Is Joint Pain Treated?

Dr. Ron Marinaro, an experienced chiropractor, has created an individualized treatment plan for any of your joint pains. Some of his treatment plans include:

  •         Physical therapy.
  •         Heat and ice.
  •         Therapeutic exercise.
  •         Chiropractic adjustments.

You may also benefit from the innovative therapy that uses pulsed electromagnetic energy to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. This electromagnetic therapy also improves the activity in your cells, which boosts your body’s natural healing powers.


The wellness and overall health of your joints play a crucial role in influencing your body’s flexibility and mobility. Therefore, if you experience any joint pains, kindly contact Dr. Marinaro, DC, an experienced chiropractor specialized in joint pain treatment at the Pain Relief Joint Center in Studio City. With his conservative techniques and chiropractic modalities, you will be assured of reduced joint discomfort. To get effective treatment for your joint pain, book online or call our office in Los Angeles, California, today.