What can you do to keep scorpions away from your home?

No one likes having unwanted pests flying and crawling around their house. But, these little invaders know no boundaries and would get into the house anyway. While various pests like ants, bees, hornets and bugs are frequent visitors, there are a few creatures like scorpions that visit occasionally. Known for their distinctive crab-like claws and stinger tails, scorpions are the kinds of creatures you wouldn’t want to encourage. The very first reason would be their painful and deadly stinging tail. 

Here are some handy tips that could help you keep these crawlers away

1.      Cut off their food supply

The primary reason for a scorpion getting into your house is for food. The scorpions feed on small insects and bugs like cockroaches, flys, spiders etc.. And our households are often housing them in our basements, drains and backyards. Use pesticides or home remedies to eradicate the insects and this would, in turn, offer no incentives for the scorpion to invade your house. If you are using chemical methods, just make sure to follow the necessary precautions and best practices

2.      Clean out all of their favourite places

Pests and insects prefer being in the dark secluded corners of your house, enjoying a cozy stay. Away from light, a damped section among the clutter is enough for them to breed and stay. So, to keep the scorpions to get too comfortable in your house, make sure you clean such areas regularly. Parts of the house like the room in your backyard, under the deck, and your drains are their favourite places. Clean them regularly, air them out and avoid moisture damped areas.

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3.      Seal the cracks and openings

Scorpions, or any pest for that matter, sneak into the little gaps and cracks under the door and windows. And while they are living right under your noses, you wouldn’t know. A variety of scorpion species are small enough to crawl through these cracks and openings into your house. So, make sure you take on the repairs and seal these up before you start getting some uninvited guests.

4.      Regular pest control can help

You might not see them, but there could still be pests like ants, spiders or cockroaches hiding somewhere under the sink or in the drain. And most of the time, we only get to know about the pest problem when they have increased in number. But, you cannot take that risk, especially if you live in a scorpion prone area. While there wouldn’t be a huge bunch of scorpions crawling in your house, these pests wouldn’t be less than an open invitation.

Therefore, you should perform regular pest control to keep these insects away and thus keeping the scorpions away.


There are over hundreds of different species of scorpions and while most of them aren’t fatal to humans, there are a few like the bark scorpion that are deadly. And its sting is extremely painful. Check out the Responsible Pest Control guide to know more about the bark scorpion.