What California Residents Ought to Know About Sunshine Dental, Inc.

Through a qualified team’s services, you can maintain a healthier smile and better bites for your future. The practice cares for adults and children looking to get the best care. If you need a Temecula dental hygienist, you can visit Sunshine Dental Inc. for the best oral hygiene care. Some of the information highlighted below could be useful during your first or subsequent visits to Sunshine Dental, Inc. The entire staff is devoted to the best care for all patients in Temecula and the neighboring areas.

About Sunshine Dental, Inc.

Sunshine Dental, Inc., houses a team of caring practitioners delivering comprehensive oral health care to women, men, and children in and around Temecula, California. The practice duly serves patients of all ages through individualized attention, clarity in communication, and high-quality oral health care.

Sunshine Dental, Inc. is guided by general dentist Phillip Chien, a committed dentist that is looking to create an environment that is relaxing and comfortable. To reduce the intimidating nature of a simple visit to your dentist, Dr. Chien makes the offices warm and inviting for patients of all ages. At the center, you are received with a smile and the utmost respect.

Patient care at Sunshine Dental, Inc. involves dental specialties, orthodontics, root canals, and implant dentistry delivered through state of the art treatments like laser bacteria reduction. Dr. Chien leads her team in addressing your concerns and questions and aims to improve your life’s quality.

List of Services Offered

·       Teeth whitening

·       Orthodontics

·       Root canal

·       Veneers

·       Implants

·       Wisdom tooth cleaning, extraction, and flossing

·       Family dentistry

·       General dentistry services include preventive care, common procedures, gum disease, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal treatments, nitrous oxide, and emergency dental care.

·       Dental services include digital x-rays, laser dentistry, intraoral camera, I-Cat® 3D imaging, Cerec®, clear aligners, and implants.

Location of the Practice

31493 Rancho Pueblo Road, Suite 102, Temecula, CA 92592

You may call the practice at 951-344-4698 or send a fax to (951) 302-6834 to receive further directions.

Office Hours of Sunshine Dental, Inc.

Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Wednesday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Why Should I Visit Sunshine Dental, Inc?

·       The practice accepts major insurance providers like Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, and many more. You can contact the center for further direction.

·       Sunshine Dental Inc. welcomes your entire family for comprehensive dental services. When you refer a friend or family member, you get a $50 credit on your account for dental services or complementary teeth whitening kit for you and the referred client. 

·       Sunshine Dental Inc. focuses on the use of specialized treatment plans for various conditions. Conclusive tests and diagnoses are run to determine the best formula for your condition.

·       The practice houses a team of board-certified practitioners seeking to deliver the best care for patients of all ages. The team includes Phillip Chien, DDS, Dr. Christine, Dr. Shawna, Dr. Brittany, Dr. Janelle, Dr. Crystal, or Dr. Isabel.

Bottom Line

Sunshine Dental Inc. is a practice that embraces modernity and the importance of receiving passionate care in a friendly environment. New and subsequent visitors are encouraged to book appointments through the online booking tool or by calling the office.