What Are The Most Important Features Of An Office Chair?

The number of hours that you spend in office on your chair can stretch to over 8 hours. You need to get the work done and for the purpose you might have to extend 8 hours of sitting to make it more. Have you ever wondered about the amount of damage you do to your body when you spend over 8 hours sitting in your chair? Did you ever check to see whether your chair has the important and salient features to support your body and protect it from the stress and damage it suffers daily?

Pay attention to your office chair today!

When it comes to your office chair, it is important for you to pay attention to it today. Your office chair plays a vital role in your overall health and if you are sitting on the wrong chair all day long, you are most likely going to injure your body for life. Marc Hagins is a furniture designer from the USA having invaluable experience in the unique design of office chairs. He says that if you sit in the wrong chair daily, you will suffer from poor blood circulation.

Since there is no physical activity for long hours you will find that the muscles in the body will become weak. They also become sore and stiff. There are some people that develop the carpal tunnel syndrome- this is a sensation where you tend to feel numb in certain body parts especially the hands. This takes place when the median nerve that is located in your wrist is suppressed for long. It is here that you need medical intervention at once when you suffer from this condition.

Is there a remedy?

Mark Hagins says that you do not have to panic if you are in a sedentary job. There is a remedy in the form of the ergonomic chair. This chair has been specially designed in such a way to give you sufficient space for the thighs and buttocks. This prevents pressure on the veins and the nerves that are located in these regions. You do not feel the sensation of numbness and the blood circulation is not impaired. These chairs have special cushions that support the hips, buttocks and the thighs. They do not suffer from stress and pressure. Ergonomic chairs are essential for people who wish to remain healthy and fit while spending over 8 hours seated in a chair.

Marc Hagins adds that the ergonomic chair also has a support for the back and the neck. This means you do not have to worry about your posture when you are sitting and working in these chairs. He says that most of the time people tend to slouch when they are working at their desks. However, with the aid of the ergonomic chair you do not have to worry about slouching at all. The chair can be adjusted to your needs and it gives you the support you deserve for good health when you are busy working in your office he says!