What are Credit Card Installment Plan Malaysia?

When you want to purchase something expensive but don’t have money for that then getting it at installment can help. There are many methods of getting the product at installments but credit card is best one. There are thousands of people that prefer this option due to higher number of benefits offered by it. You can check out credit card installment plan Malaysia and know more about interest rate as well as other things.

When it comes to the reading of Terms and Conditions, most of people skip it but it can harmful and cause of higher loss as it is all about financial things. A credit card has so many terms and conditions where you are told some facts that are heartwarming for you. Most of the things are kept hidden in T&C but lately, you are charged and it becomes the biggest issue.

Truth behind Installment Plans

Many of the products available in the market are available at 0% interest rate and the same goes for credit cards but they aren’t entirely free of the interest. There is still a fees that you must have to pay otherwise it can set you in trouble.

  • The first fee you are charged on installment plan is processing fees. It may vary from state to state and in the counties too. Basically, the processing fee lies in from 1.5% to 5% on the actual value of product. On the other hand, it may be added with some other fees.
  • The length of installment plan is next thing and it can vary the interest rate. If you are going to pay a small amount in long time then the interest rate will be higher. it become troublesome if you are buying electronics.
  • Different credit card providers offer a different rate and you can choose the one that is offering the lowest fees. Don’t go on labels like 0% installment fee; check it at your own and research before applying.

Internet is a great source to dig more about a credit card provider and reviews helps a lot. You should check out the reviews to know more about the provider of credit card. Even most of the issues can be eradicated by reviews factor.

Each plan has different interest rate and there are so many comparison websites which can help in choosing the right plan at reasonable prices. Even you should get the plan that doesn’t have higher interest rate and less complicated terms and conditions.


People who are willing to get the credit card for first time should pay attention for the above given factors otherwise chances are higher of getting a wrong product. Even the credit limits goes down when you choose credit card installment plan Malaysia, however, some of the best credit card providers offer you higher credit limit. It is quite helpful. On the other hand, you will be paying back the money to bank instead of merchant so you should take care of paying billing at proper time otherwise you will be charged a higher amount fine.