Ways By Which To Reap The Benefits Of Essential Oils

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Essential oils are unique, aromatic compounds extracted from certain plants that contain high concentrations of its active ingredients, thus capturing the plant’s scent, flavor, and beneficial effects or “essence”.

Essential oils are derived through the natural process of distillation or by mechanical means (cold pressing).

Upon extraction of the aromatic compounds, a product that is available for use is created from it by combination with a carrier oil.

Essential oils are only considered authentic when extracted through natural and not chemical processes.

Essential oils are normally absorbed by the body through skin application, inhalation and rarely, oral ingestion in exceedingly small quantities.

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The means of administration is largely dependent on the kind of essential oil to be used, and the therapeutic or palliative effect expected.

As a general rule, conditions affecting the skin are managed by topical applications while other physical and emotional concerns are ameliorated by either topical application or inhalation which is the faster route of administration.

There are various ways by which essential oils may be inhaled.

1.     Dry evaporation

The most basic and simple way of enjoying the aroma of essential oils and reaping their benefits is to wet some cotton balls or tissue paper with a few drops of essential oil and just let the aroma fill its surroundings as it evaporates.

2.     Diffuser

The use of diffusers is an excellent way to ensure sustained and even distribution of your essential oil’s aroma. Different types have slightly different methods of incorporating the oil and water so it is advised that instructions be followed carefully.

3.     Steam

For immediate relief from upper respiratory tract symptoms, the use of steam obtained from a bowl of hot water wherein a drop or two of the chosen essential oil is mixed allows for the oil to vaporize. Bow over the bowl, preferably with a piece of cloth over your head while breathing deeply to maximize the inhalation process. Make sure to close your eyes as the vapors could be very irritating.

4.     Spray

A spray bottle is a handy and inexpensive tool when you want to smell the aroma of your preferred essential oils. Simply put a few drops in a water-filled bottle, thoroughly shake the solution  and spray away.

When the condition to be treated concerns the skin and the method you want to utilize is that of topical application, the recommendation would be to dilute the essential oils in a carrier oil. The concentration that you will need is usually between 1-3 percent. Carrier oils are widely available in organic stores and you won’t have a hard time finding them.