Want to settle abroad in Australia? Below are the details

Are you looking forward to live work or study in Australia? Or do you want to settle in Australia along with your family?

Let’s have a look at the Australia permanent resident visa services provided by them.

What is a permanent resident Visa and why is it important?

Australia is attracting the citizens worldwide for the PR visa because of the easy designed visa’s for the permanent residents.

Permanent Resident visa is a proof showing the status of a citizen in Australia. If you have a PR visa of Australia you are eligible to stay there for an indefinite period of time for the purpose of living,study and work.

Perks of having a permanent residency visa Australia:

  • You can easily become an Australian citizen from an Australian permanent resident
  • Immigration to Australia provide access to Medicare services by government and other security programs
  • Your kids will automatically become the citizens of Australia if they are born in there
  • You can sponsor your relatives and family
  • You will be eligible to apply in all Australian educational institution

Eligibility criteria for a PR

  • You are at most 55 years old
  • You must have a sufficient hold on the English language
  • You must meet your temper and health requirement
  • Sponsorship of the government
  • You must show or Express interest in any job via any government online skill system

Documents required: English language proficiency test results along with educational and travel documents.

Application procedure:-

After collecting all the essential documents and deciding which visa category you want to choose you are then required to submit EOI i.e., expression of interest to the skillselect. You must get at least 60 points definite Point score after you submit your profile. You should then wait for the authorities call. They will contact you if your profile get selected and will ask you to apply the desired visa. Submit all your key documents along with the essential application form within 60 days of the invitation received

Few  Categories of permanent visas available-

Australian PR with business  innovation and investment visa (subclass 888) : This is best suited to top class investors and business people who fully maintained there financial and business activity in the past 4 years during the short term investment.

Employer Nominated Permanent Residence Visa Scheme (Subclass 186) : local employee gets impressed with the foreigners  because of their unparalleled talent and skill. The person can seek a employer nominated PR visa.

Australian PR With Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132): program was developed for high class businessman and high net worth personalities who are looking forward to set up and run a new firm in Australia. Holders of this visa are allowed to work in you are already operating companies. But the holder is required to have successful entrepreneurship background.

Australian PR Through Onshore Provisional Partner Visa (Subclasses 820 And 801): if a foreigner has an official spouse both living in Australia who is AU based he or she can apply for the permanent residency in two stages:

1)The foreigner can get a temporary onshore partner visa which is applicable for 2 year stay in Australia   (2)If the bond between the partners become stronger then permanent partner visa(802) is granted to them.