Vu Televisions: A competition to Xiaomi Televisions

With the emergence of smart televisions by brands like Xiaomi, the other television brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG as well as Indian brands like Micromax and Vu, are facing a tough competition. These brands are concerned that Xiaomi would win over the majority of the market share of the television market.

To tackle this emerging competition, Vu televisions introduced 4k Android Television. The idea behind this is to provide more for less as compared to the price and features of traditional smart televisions which charges way too much. What makes it different is that it merged the technology of the UI Android with its television.

Features of Vu televisions:   

  1. Availability: The 4K television is available in 3 sizes, namely, 43 inch, 49 inch and 55 inch with approximate price of Rs. 36,999, Rs. 46,999 and Rs. 55,999 respectively. The features and specifications are same throughout all the variants of sizes.
  2. Display and Design: The design as compared to Xiaomi is not that great. While Mi Television claims to be the world’s thinnest television, the 4K television has an ordinary but very classic design. It is nor a curved television and neither a 3D television but is a Smart Television giving competition to various other brands. It has a display of 4K resolution with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It also has a double stand design but also comes with an option of wall mounting.
  3. Performance: With android and 4K resolution, the television can play any kind of content available. Even though the full effect of 4K can be seen on 55 inch TV, but even the 43-inch one is quite impressive with its display. With regular full HD content and 4K, the picture quality is quite sharp and even the colors are clean. But there have been few instances where the processing system is not able to keep up. As compared to the Top end brands, Motion is not as clean but is still a great buy because of its competitive prices.

From the above, we can conclude that the draw of a Smart TV with Android and with an affordable price tag is a big one for people looking for the smart TV. Also, the Android interface is best for media players and TV and its availability at a very affordable price is refreshing option in the TV market.