The uses of a smartphone are infinite. A phone apart from being a tool for talking plays the roles of a torch, keyboard, alarm clock, tape and many other, when needed. Although this multipurpose tool has multiple functions, chatting and clicking pictures is what it is most known for.  The present decade can be called as decade of photos. The craze for pictures is immense and every moment is worthy of being captured. When talking of pictures how can selfies be left behind.  So let us tell you what brand and model should one opt for when a selfie lover wants to buy a phone.

The phone for  Selfie lovers

MediaTekHelio P70 has been established as a capable processor. There are no weaknesses in daily use. The usual social media and productivity apps are quickly launched and can be switched smoothly. The RAM 6 GB definitely helps with multiple applications in the background. In the synthetic benchmark performance of the , AnTuTu Vivo V15 achieved 1.46.753. In Geekbench’s single-core and multi-core tests, it achieved 1,511 and 5,767 points.

The AI beauty mode offers a ton of embellishment options, like skin lightening, jaw lightening and eye widening. There are also full body embellishment tools that make the body parts look thinner and longer, like reducing the waistline. While the face embellishment filters do their job, they change the color profile of the entire image. The skin lightening function, for instance, increases the ISO, which affects the entire frame. The Vivo V15 battery capacity is one area above its Pro sibling. Even after a day of demanding use, the 4,000mAh battery easily lasts.

Battery benefits

During the normal period of usage — including connection to a free Wi-Fi network throughout the day, the Vivo V15 still had a charge of 30-35% for at least a few hours even after gaming and attending few telephonic calls. The Vivo V15 lasts15 hours and 22 minutes during HD video loop test.

With regard to endurance, a 30 minute PUBG Mobile session at its peak brightness results in a 9 percent drop in the battery.

Inspite of its various features, a look at the mobile price lists surprises us, with VIVO V 15 costing only Rs 23,390.

Smart Modes

There is an esport mode that allows users to close apps and stop notifications whenever they are playing games. The mode also helps them disable touch gesture and stops them from opening the notifications shade accidentally.

There is also an option called “Smart strategy” which increases temperatures, and hence performance remains steady, even if excess heat is generated. The fingerprint sensor is superbly fast and unlocks the unit in less than a second. The Vivo V15 has proved to be quite competent in the field of camera performance. The UI for the camera is  virtually identical with Vivo V15 Pro.