V2 Classic Standard Kit Review

I’ve been smoking 20-a-day for as many years so I was anxious to quit as I am worried about the long-term impact on my health. I’d heard about e cigarettes but wasn’t sure which would be the best vaporiser to get as there are so many on the market.

I spotted an e cig starter pack called the V2 Classic, from a US-based e cigarette and vaporiser manufacturer called V2. I was drawn to it because they’ve got a UK website and customer service team, so I ordered this kit knowing I’d have access to help if I needed it.

Mykit camein three days, which was good as I’d expected the postage to take much longer. The packaging was slick and the best thing was that the kit included 10 assorted flavour cartridges, so I could decide which I liked before buying more. The kit also came with a wall adapter and smart charger, as well as batteries and a handbook.

The automatic battery is great as it lets you puff without holding the button down, so you can vape and do something else at the same time. The kit also includes a manual battery, which means that you can have greater control over your vaping if required.

Why is the V2 Classic good for beginners?

The best thing about the Classic range is that it’s fuss-free. Some more advanced vape pens use clear atomisers, which are a pain as you have to refill with e-liquid, but the Classic range has pre-filled cartridges so there’s no panic about cleaning it, refilling it properly or buying loads of e liquid.

Safety concerns

A great starter model, the Classic range is much safer than other e-cigs. As with all V2 models, it’s difficult to modify the battery, so the risks of causing yourself harm or there being a problem with the vape pen, are significantly reduced.

They’re also much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes, and they don’t contain the harmful ingredients you’d find in cigs, such as tar.

Choice of flavours

I got an assorted range of flavours with my model which was great as I thought there’d be a limited choice. I like the V2 Red as it reminds me of Marlboro Red, which are my go-to smokes. I’d still like to try the vanilla and cherry flavours for a bit of variety.

The batteries

I’d say I got over 200 puffs on one charge from the standard battery, which is pretty good as I didn’t have to carry round a charger with me all day. A friend of mine uses the longer batteries and she thinks she gets around 300 puffs, which is good for her as a heavier smoker.

In terms of vapor production, I found the Classic ecig equal to normal cigarettes – and the best thing is, I haven’t even been tempted by a normal fag since I started with the V2 Classic three weeks ago. The vaporiser creates a fair cloud, and I particularly enjoyed the hit at the back of my throat.

I’d say the Classic range from V2 would be a fab way for beginners to get into vaping and definitely a good way to steer yourself away from normal cigarettes. I think seasoned vapers would also get good use out of the kit as it’s so easy to use and has the tempting prefilled cartridges with it.