Under Construction Project v/s Ready to buy homes – Which should be your pick?

Are you thinking of buying a home in Texas? Congratulations! It’s an amazing first step in the process. However, there are a lot of things you have to consider before you dive in the process of buying a home. Home buying requires a lot of research and effort. Though there are many homes for sale near you in Frisco, TX a frequent confusion lies in deciding whether to purchase a house which is currently an under-development property or a house that is absolutely ready for you to move-in? It is important to give this a thorough thought as both of these options come with various pros and cons.

Here let us inspect the upsides and the downsides of both of these types of projects. We’re sure that after reading through what’s written below, you will be in a better place to decide on the option that would end up being perfect for you.

Under Construction Project v/s Ready to buy homes – Which should be your pick?

Under Construction Project

Time is one of the most critical aspects that you should consider while making a decision. In case you have a few years of time in hand to move into your residence and you are only planning to buy a home at the moment from the investment point of view, you can check the under-construction projects in a locality of your choice. Since the real estate industry is booming right now, you would find a lot of great choices to pick from.

This option fits well within the financial budget as well. The cost of an under-development home is for the most part not as much as that of an already built one since most of the people who are selling ready to move-in properties are looking for quick profit in hand.

In addition to the above, another advantage of investing in an under-development project is that you get an advantage of making the payment in the form of installments or EMIs in various manners. For instance, there is a development-related instalment plan that helps you in making the instalment gradually depending upon the phase of construction. It is highly beneficial for you as you don’t have to submit your entire investment fund for a home all at once or take a loan of a hefty amount on your head.

Additionally, in case you figure out how to give the instalments from your salary or income, you can postpone taking the home advance as well. In most of the investments that you make in under construction plans, you will get the choice of paying 10% of the property estimation at the beginning, 10% when the roof gets done, 5% on the finish of the floor and so on.Although these are general rates, you can check with the kind of plan you may get when you invest in a specific project. Along these lines, you get the opportunity of making an instalment in parts as the process of construction moves forward.

Apart from the financial advantage, a couple of designers give you the opportunity for customization as well. You can complete some personalization in your home during the construction period. These kind of customizations give you a perfect opportunity to build your dream house without investing a lot of money.

Ready to occupy homes

In a fast paced world a lot of people, specially the millennials don’t have the time and patience to invest in a property that would be built in the future. So if you are looking to move in into a house as soon as you can, the best way is to buy a home that is ready for possession.

Also, in case you are living on lease currently and need to move promptly into another property due to some reasons, it is easy to pick your stuff and shift in a house that is equipped with all the amenities you wanted in your dream home. Getting immediate belonging is one of the most critical points of interest in such tasks. It is also a great option for those living in rented houses as it is always better to pay EMIs instead of rent. On the other hand, in case you are purchasing a house only for investment reasons, investing in a ready to move house will open up the option of earning rent from the property. This rental income that you will make can be helpful in paying the EMI of the property as well.


What you should make a note of at this point is that in any case, the cost of a ready to move house will be higher in comparison to an a property that is still under construction. Another drawback here is that you will not get the option to make the payments in parts. You will have to pay the entire amount even before you move into your home. However, since the loans are easily available these days, you can pay the entire money through loan and then keep paying the interest over time.

The other advantage of buying a ready to move in house is that you get exactly what is in front of you. Instead of trusting the builder in building what he showcased in his architectural design plans you will have the option to see the property directly and then make a choice if you want to buy it or not.

Since we have exhaustively discussion the perks and consequences of investing in both kind of properties, the odds of feeling bamboozled while taking this decision would be uncommon. Out of all the aspects that you consider, play special attention to the amount of money you are willing to spend on the property. In any event, with regards to the enhancements and the territory, there will be no odds of objection that you have with yourself. The zone in such cases is, for the most part, evolved giving you a superior thought of the foundation and offices close by. Also, since this is the very first step in the process of buying a house, what you should also keep a check on is various other factors that are important for you before you pick a property. Upon weighing the property on all the parameters, buy what you think is the best pick for you.