Types Of Pain and Pain Management as Explained by The Ortho Experts in Albany

Pain is something that a person is associated with throughout their life. It can be because of many reasons. Pain is generally defined in orthopedic terms, as bone pain, which is common in many. During such cases, an orthopedic associate will be of great help to manage pain systematically, and also to eradicate it successfully.

Orthopedic Associates are a team of orthopedic experts, who help people with all kinds of pain management in Albany. The best way of treating pain because of any issue is by having an open and transparent relationship with your physicians. The experts will find the best and multi-disciplinary approach to help you eradicate pain from your body from the root. You can visit their webpage to know more.

Guide to the Pain Treatment 

Every physician will come up with the best solution for pain-related issues by understanding the history of the problem. The relieving conditions, aggravating issues, intensity, and duration of the problem altogether will determine the best solution for the problem.

The common causes of pain include,

  • Susceptibility to injury
  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Structure stimulation

Pain management is the process of finding the right way of helping the patients manage their pain systematically. Here, the actual source of pain is isolated precisely and the right kind of treatment process is formulated so that it successfully eradicates the pain in any body part from the root.

Problems from Pain 

Here are some of the problems that the patients suffer from, because of pain.

  • Low self-esteem
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Decrease in their energy levels
  • The trouble with concentrating on any work

pain management

Types of Pain 

Pain is differentiated into many types and is listed below.

  • Nociceptive Pain – Pain from a broken bone is considered nociceptive pain. The tissue damage in the location triggers the nervous system to signal the brain via the spinal cord, and hence the person feels the pain.
  • Neuropathic Pain – Damages or some kind of inner lying disease can cause neuropathic pain. Not all such pain can be scrutinized to understand its actual cause, and the pain is known to occur spontaneously.


Based on the diagnosis of the orthopedic specialist, the treatment for any kind of pain will be formulated. The diagnosis is based solely on the condition of the Central Nervous System and the treatment plan will be decided accordingly.

The most commonly used tool for treating any kind of pain is with the help of a spinal cord stimulator. It will release small amounts of electrical energy to the spinal cord, which in turn handles the pain.