Types of General Dentistry Services

Good oral care is a crucial consideration that helps you retain proper oral hygiene and avoid many complications such as tooth wear, tear, and eventual loss. While you may strive to take care of your teeth daily, it can sometimes be challenging without guidance from a professional. That is why it is best to seek help from your Dentist in Red Bank, NJ.

A professional dentist will examine your condition and prescribe appropriate oral care to restore your oral health. In this case, you would want to visit a general dentist who understands every detail concerning teeth problems. However, it would be best to understand the different types of services provided by a general dentist.

Preventative Dental Care

Preventive services help you get essential dental care to prevent further problems with your teeth. It stops various diseases from reoccurring in your mouth. That is why a patient needs to schedule routine visits to his/her dentist to ensure that every issue is taken care of. This boosts the patient’s overall health where the dentist can also provide further guidance on how the patient should take care of the teeth.

 It is best to visit your dentist at least once or twice every year for a complete dental examination, this helps the dentist identify any potential issues that could lead to severe tooth problems. When dental issues become too complicated they can affect your overall health. Remember, anyone can go for preventive care, including children. 

Restorative Care

Restorative care is where a dentist treats structural teeth problems such as damaged and missing teeth. The most common procedure involves removing tooth decay and filling the affected area with an artificial tooth to restore it back to full functioning. It restores your smile and boosts your self-confidence and appearance.

A professional general dentist can examine your tooth condition and provide timely and appropriate treatment. If you experience teeth trauma due to broken, loose, or knocked-out teeth, it would be best to seek restorative care as soon as possible to avoid further teeth-related complications.

This procedure also allows the patient to get advanced treatment options such as dental implants, canal therapy, crowns, and orthodontics. 


Before the dentist offers the appropriate treatment option, he/she will do an X-ray to diagnose the root cause of your problem. The dentist examines your jawbones and teeth to evaluate your overall health. It is safe both for children and adults because the process utilizes low radiation levels.

X-ray helps your dentist identify tooth problems such as decay, impacted teeth, and tooth cavities. Many people often shy away from getting an x-ray from a professional dentist. It is worth noting that this is a crucial step that will help your dentist prescribe treatment based on your current status. 

Regular Checks for Overall Health

Sometimes, you might think that your oral health is not a big challenge, and you will overlook frequent visits to your dentist. This can adversely affect your oral and general health, leading to costly treatments. For instance, some people contract diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other pregnancy-related complications. A general dentist has adequate skills to identify such issues and advice on the best possible treatment based on your condition.

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