Try Natural Alternatives to Adipex to Lose Weight sans Side-Effects

Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you must try ingredients that do not cause any adverse side effects. There are many people who are using brand name medicine Adipex for losing weight. It is a medicine that is available over-the-counter and the main ingredient in it is phentermine. However, one main reason people are looking for Adipex alternatives is that phentermine is a controlled substance and cause a lot of side effects in many individuals.

Some of the dangerous side effects of phentermine are delirium, phychosis, panic, irregular heartbeat, and even a heart failure! That is the reason you should try alternatives. There are many natural alternatives without any prescription for losing appetitive and thereby reducing weight. If you choose these natural alternatives to phentermine, you do not have to visit the doctor to request for prescription of weight loss medicine.

A few over the counter Adipex alternatives

Many individuals are looking for alternatives to phentermine 37.5 mg. These alternatives are easily available in Walmart, Walgreens, and GNC. Given below is a list of alternatives that you can try without requiring a prescription:

  • Herbal Phentermine
  • Phentremine
  • PhenQ
  • Phen375
  • Phentaslim
  • PhenPlus

Now, let’s check out the functions and effectiveness of each of these medicines before you try them:

HerbalPhentermine: It is the drug that can closely mimic the characteristic of prescription phentermine, but a lot safer. If you are looking for 100 percent safe and natural alternative to phentermine, you can try this without hesitation. It contains a mixture of black pepper extract, green tea extract, Alpha Lipoic acid, and L-carnitine. The potential side effects are not dangerous and include blurred vision, sleepiness, dizziness, and increased blood pressure. Benefits include increased metabolism, burning more calories, energy boost.

PhenQ: It is a very popular weight loss supplement that people across the world are using. It has been made in FDA-approved facilities and helps in regulating the body’s thermogenesis. It burns stored fat, suppresses the appetite, and increases the energy level.

Phentremine: It is an alternative that helps to suppress food cravings and stimulate metabolism. It even helps in increasing awareness and mental strength. Thus, it helps you to be more attentive.

Phen375: If you take this regularly, you will have less hunger pangs and will also have an increased metabolism. It is a good quality product that is a mixture of cayenne pepper, citrus aurantium and caffeine. It will help you burn calories even when you are resting.

Phentaslim: It is yet another natural alternative to the harmful phentermine. Just two pills a day should be enough to lose weight faster than what exercise and diet alone can’t do. It is a medicine that contains more than 15 natural ingredients. Phentaslim helps in muscle recovery, protect the lean muscle while you are losing fat and also reduce stress.

PhenPLUS: It is a natural supplement for weight loss that can help you lose weight at a pace of one pound per day! All you need to do is to pair it up with diet and exercise. With PhenPLUS, you can lose weight throughout the day.

Each of the names provided here are Adipex natural alternatives without prescription. If you are desperate to lose weight and flaunt your lean muscles, you can try any of these.