Travel to the Peak of Titiwangsa Mountains

Very excited about taking up a tour to Genting hills located in Pahang state? Genting hills are one of the most tourist attractions of Malaysia. The mountains are located in between the state of Pahang and Selangor. I heard from my circle that travelling to titiwangsa by bus from KL to Genting is so fun filled journey. The spots in hill resort will turn you completely in fun mode 24*7.

Attractions of Genting hills

Every fruit has got its own attraction and taste. Likewise the hill resort has got lot of features like

  • Theme parks,
  • Strawberry leisure farm
  • Museum
  • Ripley’s believe it or not
  • A sky diving simulator
  • Skyway
  • Chin swee cave temple
  • First world plaza
  • A world class golf course
  • Glow in the dark
  • Snow world
  • Gunung bunga buah
  • Sky Avenue
  • Arena of stars

Likewise many entertaining spots are there to have loads and loads of fun. The theme park has roller coaster ride which you can get into lot of twists and turns for rise in your heart beat. If you like risking then you can experience a blood thrusting to your brain experience which is “Free fall” where you can keep on falling for a while.

Need fun?

Travel by bus from KL to GentingIf you are so interested to need all these fun in your life time book a bus for you and your family or along with your friends for a pulse pounding experiences which are waiting for your arrival. Simply book the best bus operators in KL and the travel time can be around one hour and thirty minutes which will take you 6118 feet high above the sea ground level, where you can see KL as a small region from above. If your kids are coming with you then choose some low ringgit for them depending on the travel agency.

Fun reloaded

You can get a full time fun experience all around Genting hill station because they are a place for recreation. If you are in real need of stress busters just book your ticket and pack your luggage for a peaceful journey and a thrilling roller coaster ride. Once you go you will stay addicted to its most magnetizing rain forest climate.