Travel by ferry from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi – an experience of a lifetime

If you are going to the beautiful country that is Malaysia then it is important you must known to the right and the best destinations that are found in this country. Here you have two cities that are very much beautiful, having natural caves, volcanoes, springs, beaches, and many more things that are available. The destinations that are very much popular are Kuala Kedah and other is Langkawi. If you travel by ferry from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi then it is the best experience that you are going to have. The best thing is that now toy can book the tickets online for the ferry. You can select the ferry of your choice that looks comfortable to you.

There are different packages that are provided by the different ferry that are available. Here you are able to see the best and oldest museum that explore the leftovers of architectural designs and tools that have Hinduism and Buddhism features, display of artifacts that show Lembah Bujang’s existence in the past, and you may see various floras of Malaysia outside these exhibitions. Here another museum that you have is the Kedah Paddy Museum that is having the features like past and tradition of rice plant in Kedah and it is the fourth museum to be opened in the world after Japan, Germany and the Philippines.

The beaches, mountains, lakes, caves, volcanoes will make you feel the best and the most special person that will be seeing the amazing things. Here you can have the entertainment in their festivals that are also included in many ferry packages. Here the ferry is the best because the city that is Langkawi is well known for experiencing it in the ferry. The natural sunset and the light of sun during the time sun is setting is all can be seen on the mountains that have different shades of light of the sun. This is the seen that is found here only. There are very good photographers that have provided the pictures of these cities and all are very much available on the websites.