Travel by bus from KL to Genting

The Genting Highland like other destination of Malaysia holds the ideal resort style of the location due to its exceptional and natural highland beauty due to its natural chilling weather. Its development process also involves taking around 15000 acre of the jungle land and transforms them into what which is now the relaxation destination that is popular all over world. Presently, the Genting Highland is also the home to variety of the beautiful hotel which runs different range of the hotels from luxury resort to the budgeted accommodations. They also serve the full services to all clients around with all range of the economic classes. Over long years, most of the additional attractions and even the amusement park style rides has been also added for the enjoyment of people.

Such attractions include some of the options as space shot, snow world, ripley’s believe and more. It is also the home to the Malaysia longest cable car systems. It is located conveniently to the major Malaysian destination as Kuala Lumpur. One can easily Travel by bus from KL to Genting from the bus terminal in the Genting Highland that is first and world bus terminal that is located beside entrance of first world hotel. The city bus even runs between the genting and KL at high frequency with some of affordable bus fare. They serve well for the visitor that comes from other cities. You can also reach out to the ticketing office which is located on the lower ground floor of the KL sentral below escalator.

The inside details if you Travel by bus from KL to Genting

  • Fare: the one way journey costs around the RM 10.70 per people who are adult and costs around RM 9.60 for child
  • Schedule: the bus also starts around 8am till 7pm from the KL sental station. It runs every hour

Book your ticket now for easy traveling from KL to your favorite place Genting to explore the beautiful scenes, fun rides and lot more exciting thing. You can also book and confirm you bus tickets online as well.