Traffic Violation Attorney

You are driving and the light turns red just as you are coming up to it, but you do not have time to stop.  You are at an intersection where it is safe to turn right on red but the car on the other side of the intersection turns first and you get into an accident.  Or, you are on the highway and cannot see the speed limit and are pulled over for going too fast.  If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may benefit from the professional services of a traffic violation.

Traffic violation attorneys are trained to evaluate the circumstances of the traffic violation, and will represent you in court in an attempt to get you compensation for time and money you may have lost as a result of the violation.  For instance, if you lost your license as a result of the offense and were unable to get to and from work, the traffic violation attorney can fight for you in court so that you can get the money that you would have earned from working.

Traffic violation attorneys are also beneficial for individuals who are suspected to have been under the influence while operating their vehicles.  The severity of possible alcohol or drug use, including prescription drugs, will often be taken into consideration when judges are determining the outcome of a traffic violation case.

When you are penalized for a traffic violation but the regulations concerning the violation were not in clear view, such as instructions for driving slowly or following the speed limit, a traffic violation attorney will emphasize this point for you in court.

Remember that any previous traffic violations that you have on your driving record may be taken into consideration when you go to court, especially if they were incurred recently.  This could hurt your case, especially if you try to plead your case by yourself.  There are also several ways that a traffic violation lawyer can get your violation dismissed.  For instance, if the officer who issued you the ticket does not show up on your court date, you could get the offense thrown out.  If you plead guilty to a driving violation that is not as serious as the charge against you, your attorney may be able to get your case dismissed.  Depending on the violation, you may be placed on probation, and if you adhere to traffic laws without having to be supervised, you may be able to put this situation behind you without having any points taken off your driver’s license.

Based on the nature of your traffic violation, your attorney may be able to arrange for you to attend traffic school.  You can often do this in place of paying a fine, and attending the classes could keep your insurance premiums from going up.  As with any type of lawyer, you should research traffic violation attorneys in your state and select an attorney based on years of experience and the number of cases the attorney has won.  This will increase the chances that you will get the help you need to resolve your traffic violation.