Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Lisbon 2019

Lisbon is situated on the Atlantic Coast. This riverfront city is the capital of Portugal. It has rich and diverse history. You can see colourful past of remnants spread around Lisbon’s seven hills ranging from Moorish Castle ruins perched on top to a sidewalk café nestled against ancient Visigoth Wall.

Lisbon has played a remarkable role in Portugal’s Age of Discovery era. Monuments celebrating Voyages of Vasco-da-Gama is one of the popular attractions. Lisbon has taken developmental steps like transport system renovation, downtown area modernization, and overhaul its waterfront.

Best way to watch Lisbon is on foot but this can put a lot of stress on the legs. Travellers can opt for the open bus tours in Lisbon or ride the tram line 28 and enjoy the panoramic views, while the bus or tram descends hilltop towards the Sao Jorge Castle.

Some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Lisbon

Belem Tower

This imposing 4-storey limestone tower dates back to 1515 and was built to protect Lisbon from invaders as welcome the friends of this city. The Tower has bastion connected with space for 17 canons to fire long range shots.

National Azulejo Museum

Colourful ceramic tiles are called azulejos. You can find them everywhere around Lisbon. The museum is totally dedicated to tile art, how it evolved overtime and exhibits a whole chapel filled with delicate and beautiful artwork.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Vasco-da-Gama cable stayed bridge was completed in 1998. It stretches for 11 miles across Tagus River. The bridge Is so long that builders took Earth’s curvature in consideration. This 6-lane bridge was built to reduce traffic congestion in the city. Tourists find its architecture breath-taking.

Time Out Market Lisboa

The renovation of Lisbon’s old food market was extensive and opened again in 2014 with the name ‘Time Out Market Lisboa. To explore regional cuisine of Portuguese more than three million tourists flock this food hall that holds multiple restaurants and 35 kiosks. Foodies enjoy sample treats, prepared meals and purchase everything marketplace has to offer ranging from Alentejo ham to sheep cheese from Azeirao to Arcadia chocolates.

Cristo Rei Statue

The figure of Christ standing with outstretched arms is set on top of tall arch with rectangular observation deck at its base. There is an elevator, which takes people to this platform for enjoying a panoramic view over the city, river and Abril Bridge. Monument was designed to express gratitude to God for protecting Portugal from World War II horrors.


Oldest and historic square highlighted with architectural landmarks and Moorish past. Its charm is the Fado clubs, tasty eateries, and twisting streets, which makes Alfama a must-see destination.

Lisbon Oceanarium

It is Europe’s largest indoor aquarium and is organized in 4 unique habitats, each one representing different ocean. Sea life ranging from sting rays and sharks to otters and penguins, flora and fauna of every ecosystem are well-represented.

Sao Jorge Castle

Lisbon’s oldest treasure evokes an era when Lisbon was ruled by the Moorish, who were driven out in 1147. Since then the castle was used as royal residence and today it has been turned into a museum that features archaeological exhibits. Views of Lisbon from battlements and parapets are just breath-taking.