Top Ideas to Stay in Touch with family after Moving

It is very usual to develop loving friendship with neighbours and other people, when one stay at one place for longer period. It is very difficult to leave behind those loving friends, who have been around for all these years. If you are moving to some other city, then you have to leave behind all friends, colleagues and neighbours. In today’s techno savvy world, it has become much easier to keep in touch with those who are physically far but close to heart.

Few Methods for Moving and Packing are as follows:

  • Make a List of Occasions

After relocating to a different city, you definitely miss those precious moments, which you spent with your friends, whether it was a birthday celebrations, marriage anniversaries or other memorable events. Before you move, carefully make a note of these occasions and wish them on every event. Movers and Packers will helps you to maintain relations even if you move to the other corner of the world.

  • Hand Written Letters Are Most Personal

It is very difficult to believe for today’s techno savvy younger generation that hand-written letters can prove to be a medium of reciprocation. There is nothing more touching than receiving a hand-written latter from those whom you miss. It is most unique way to express feelings via hand written letters.

  • Just a Phone Call Away

You can keep in touch by calling on regular basis and hear those voices which were once the part of your day to day life. Such conversation will give emotional feelings to both sides. You can also have group calls by using smart phones.

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  • Email Correspondence

Emails are also one of the important ways to remain connected. You can also help friends to get better jobs by sharing offers via email correspondence.

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  • Be Techno Friendly

Everyone use latest gadgets, smart phones, laptops and computers to remain connected. If you are not techno savvy, then you can easily take help of people around.

  • Chatting Apps – The Best Way

Today whole world is connected via phone only. In India WhatsApp, Face Book, Twitter, snap chat and other chatting apps are easiest way to remain connected every day. You can have free video and audio calls also, to feel those distant friends next to you. You can easily create a group of friends and can share unlimited chat, audios, videos and photos for absolutely free of cost. You can create unlimited groups andin all groups, you can daily share wonderful messages to remain connected. Face Time, google hangouts and skype are also available to have video chat of multiple friends together.

  • Plan A Trip

Surprise visit on some weekend evening would be the best surprise, you can ever offer to your friends and neighbours. You cannot simply put those pleasing reactions when they see you standing on the door way. This can also be a well-planned trip with detailed discussion before finalising itinerary. There can also be a small picnic at some nearby tourist spot with friends and neighbours.