Top Honeymoon Destinations across the World

The long list of rituals of traditional Indian wedding rarely leaves you with the time to decide upon a honeymoon destination. But, you surely want to choose a destination that can make your partner fall in love with you. So, here we are giving you some suggestions about the top honeymoon destinations across the world. Be sure to select a place with the blend of your partner’s likes with your own choice.

Mauritius – Often referred as a heaven on earth, Mauritius is one of the most favourite honeymoon destinations. This is a place from where you can start your journey if one of you is a nature lover while the other is more attracted towards luxury. The perfect combination of luxury hotels and private cruises stretched on the serene island is a place where you both can learn to extol each other’s choice.

Bali – If you would like to take your partner to a place with a bit of almost everything including greenery, beaches, spirituality, culture, adventure, and romance then nothing can be a better option than Bali. If you book flight tickets from Delhi to Bali, you’ll be transported literally to another world in less than 12-hours. You can have a guaranteed unique and memorable honeymoon if you choose Bali.

Switzerland and Paris – We seldom meet an Indian who is not a fan of Bollywood romantic movies. So, we can safely assume that any love scene you and your better-half imagine is inspired by some Bollywood movies. Why live in imagination when you can actually live those moments in reality? A trip to Switzerland followed by a visit to the city of love, Paris is the perfect honeymoon dreamed by any romantic couple of India.

The Maldives – If you and your significant other are interested in spending your honeymoon in isolation where no crowd disturbs your intimate moments then the Maldives is a perfect choice. Can you imagine anything more secluding than a honeymoon on a private island? You can enjoy your alone time in huts suspended over the blue water of Indian Ocean. Whether you like surfing over the water or diving under it, Maldives gives you perfect chance to enjoy.

Sonoma – This locale of California is a good choice if you are attracted towards foods and drinks before anything else. The place is blessed with unexcelled scenic beauty without a doubt. But, it is famous among the travellers more for its sumptuous foods and world-class wines. So, if you want to taste some best in world wines and lip-smacking foods with your lovable spouse, choose Sonoma as your honeymoon destination.

Venice – It is said that love oozes from every nook and corner of Venice. You can visit the entire city while holding your honey in a lovely hug! Yes, you don’t have to walk side by side as the city has no roads. You can sit comfortably on a gondola and let the sailor sail it for you while you two can indulge in romantic chit-chats. Honeymoon couples visiting Venice always tells, the best experience there is kissing under the bridges.

Panama – When you don’t know what to look for in a honeymoon destination, choose the name Panama. Why? Because, this place has got best of everything that includes mountains, tropical forests, beaches (Pacific as well as Caribbean), historical sites, full-service resorts and vibrant nightlife too. Is there anything left that you can expect from a honeymoon destination?

Hope we have proved ourselves useful by giving you the best honeymoon destination choices you are looking for on the internet. Allow us to give you a last bit of advice – your behaviour with your partner matters more than the place you choose for your honeymoon. So, be sure to be your best self wherever you go.