Top 8 SEO Trends to Rank Your Site in 2020

The e-commerce industry is one of the most robust industries in the world, and nearly reached $3.46 trillion in 2019. Significant contributions from countries like China, India, and those in the Latin American region are the reasons why the global e-commerce sector saw quick growth.

As such, the demand for ranking on search engines has been growing more than ever. This is because of all the stiff competition online where more and more businesses are looking to the internet to increase their market visibility and gain better growth traction. 

If you’re looking to expand your online presence, then an SEO Company can help you achieve those goals easily. The use of proven SEO techniques necessitates the help of an industry leader who possesses the agility to work in the fast-changing digital world. 

Here are the top 8 SEO trends that industry experts say will help rank your website this year:

  1. Mobile, Visual, and Voice Search Optimization. Visual and voice searches are taking the industry by storm because of the advancements in mobile technology. People can not only key in their queries manually, but they can also use voice technologies like Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, iOS Siri, and Microsoft Cortana and conduct a search. These services are impacting how online information search is becoming more convenient. 

Voice searches allow users to perform an online search by verbally asking the question on their smartphones and smart devices. This technology accounts for over 20% of voice-based grocery shopping in the local market, with smartphone users getting the help of a voice assistant to help them source through the online world.

Also, the technology is quickly being picked up by teenagers, which accounts for 55% of the full voice and visual tech market. More than ever, the most common denominators for voice keys are how,” “the best,” and “what” search phrases. 

  • Local Business Optimization. Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your business to cater to your local market. Most websites that are local-SEO centric receive better visibility for their products and services because they are directly intended for communities where they are close to. Nevertheless, what makes this strategy effective is its ability to catch a person’s attention the exact time they are browsing the internet for whatever they are looking for. 

Local SEO provides an impactful presence to your business based on geographical setting, making your website stand out with a regional prominence. Google sets local ranking factors on its algorithm to measure your business’ relevance based on searches with the tag “near me.”

This strategy removes your worries of competing against giant national corporations and puts your business in front of every local customer. Studies have also revealed that proximity is one of the underlying factors for business longevity. 

One study considers the fact that people are willing to travel to a business within a 20-minute time range to purchase their everyday essentials. Investing in local SEO is one of the trends in the market this coming year, regardless of the size of their business.  

  • Optimizing CTR for Google Rankbrain. One of Google’s core algorithm components, Google RankBrain, uses machine learning to understand queries to determine sites with the most relevant and accurate results. 

Aside from utilizing AI technology, RankBrain can also understand ambiguous queries and return with quick search results. Additionally, Google technology can decipher questions that are not very specific.

Optimizing a website for RankBrain requires your business to build a good online reputation. This can be done by creating quality content surrounding your market niche and obtaining backlinks from high-authority sites while also optimizing your long-tail keyword use. 

  • Integrating Featured Snippets. One of the SEO trends that are here to stay are the Featured Snippets. Featured snippets are those tiny pieces of information that you see at the top of a search query. They have selected texts that provide visitors with an overview of your website. Featured snippets are automatically gathered from your web page via the Google index.

Featured snippets offer websites the opportunity to acquire visitors and increase click-through rates (CTR). This feature also enhances your website’s no-click search opportunity because no specific search result was given preference.

Featured snippets are helpful, given that your website already provided the answer to what a person is looking for. This increases your site’s reputation and allows you to rank better than your competitors.

  • Technical SEO and UX/UI Factors. The UI/UX factors are the interface design and the use of the experience design of your website. They are essential technical factors that can drive your rankings to the top because they are interrelated to visitor satisfaction.

The UX/UI of your website are two different aspects of visual design wherein UX is related to having a seamless experience for your website visitors. UI, on the other hand, refers to the coding, its design, and how it provides functionality and usability of your site. 

For a beginner, these two factors may not have shared similarities because they are intertwined with each other. But on pure intuitive experience, every element, including the interface, its design, and interactive design, is what this technical SEO is. When you choose an excellent SEO company, they can work on a great UI/UX so your visitors can have an integrative and intuitive experience.

  • E-A-T Factors. The E-A-T factor is Google’s measure of your brand’s trustworthiness. The search engine’s AI technology generates a report that consistently garners the best user experience from your website’s visitors. 

The Expertise, Authority, and Trust factor of your website refers to the type of service and product you have expertise on. It is also about the accuracy, reliability, and reliance on your content and branding.

The E-A-T factor is essential because Google looks for this category on websites. When the system cannot find the right signals, it looks around for alternative sites that it would likely promote and put your website behind. 

  • Entity and Knowledge Graph Optimization. The Google Knowledge Graph is one of the most powerful tools to allow users to discover what your business is about. It also has the potential to enhance your brand’s visibility by providing your visitors with relevant information. Such data can be used to improve user experience and provide a point of contact between your users and your business.  

The Google Knowledge Graph is a search engine feature that is highly-focused on providing users with a digital business card. It helps your website get traffic and improves site ranking. This SEO trend either displays website information in a carousel or a boxed section on the right-hand corner of your browser.

  • Link Building and Brand Building. Websites have two ways of redefining their Google ranking stature either by promoting the site with high-quality backlinks or through brand building. Brand building is a newer form of link building whereby you create marketing enhancements to promote your brand to a broader audience.

This often includes the assimilation of a lot of efforts, including creating visually appealing videos, posting unique content, using long-tail keywords, and using backlinks to increase your website’s reach. 

Link building is also a precursor to brand building, with each strategy using the core principles of your business commitment. It includes a clear definition of what your business is about, what it stands for, and committing to the brand identity you want to communicate to your audience.


The emergence of several SEO trends makes it hard for a novice website owner to understand each aspect of running a site that ranks. So getting a reliable Search Engine Optimization partner that can oversee every aspect of your website is a continuous need.

Nonetheless, there are many factors to consider before getting the help of a web optimization company. Take, for example, the Brisbane tech industry in Australia. It’s sprawling with tech companies that claim to give you the right and best results. 

According to Brisbane SEO company, when looking to optimize your website and help you rank in the Google SERP, look for one with the right experience and proven track record of promoting a business and sustaining their SE ranking.

Also, get an SEO partner that helps define your goals and tracks your website performance. They should know how to tweak the results by employing a good optimization strategy. These SEO tools are what experts are tapping into this year. 

Though Google continuously updates its algorithm to fit in with existing trends, it will be helpful to integrate all these techniques into your website now. Employing such tactics will help generate the needed online presence and veer your current rankings to a greater extent. Remember that optimization is not an art, but an exact science that’s backed with industry practices.

The right tools may also depend on your business niche, and that’s something only an expert can decipher. So, if your website feels more like a liability than a results-quantifier, it will be helpful to engage an SEO company. It’s best to find one that can sustain or improve your current Google ranking. 

Finding the right SEO partner might seem hard but is not altogether impossible when you know which ones provide a reliable output and quality service. It would be better to have professionals look over your SEO needs than to risk it and do it yourself.